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Marco Arment made his name developing Tumblr but is now an independent app developer and technology commentator. He works mainly on web and iPhone software.
More videos from this interview (and more coming):
Marco’s own website:

This video was filmed and edited by Brady Haran (with a few tweaks by Sean).

Computer Science at the University of Nottingham:

Computerphile is a sister project to Numberphile. More at

Game developer Marc ten Bosch:


REALSlutHunter says:

making things fast……….info for you. You failed !

Bibin Zacharia says:

I'm a +2 (higher secondary) student from Kerala, India. I have a billion usd app idea but i don't know how to build an app. What could i do for accomplishing my idea. Can anyone help me..
thank you!!

Sipak Barman says:

Sir I have a idea to create a great apps sir plz help me

Rick Nwachukwu says:

This guy sounds like Big Head in Silicon Valley!

old Garo says:

I still rely a lot on Instapaper! haha

Here&there Where says:

idk his ears r frwaken me out

Jan Křížek says:

Thanks for honesty! Helps a lot! 🙂

Ricky Ric says:

Hey Marco, I just watched your video. I'm looking for a developer. I have an amazing app idea. I'm not sure how to protect my idea before speaking to a developer so they cant steal my idea. Do you have any pointers for me?

thedarkside0007 says:

tumblr fap fap fap

Donatus Orth says:

People like him sound as if money was just there to pay for groceries and everything else and it was just a hobby of him to program and release projects to the public. Did he earn so much at tumblr that he can do whatever he wants?

Gutless Band says:

Awesome video. Really dig this sort of stuff.
Would love to see more. Keep it up.

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