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Hello marzipans! Every year I put together a list of things that would make great Christmas gifts, so today I’m posting one for 2017. I hope you will find some inspiration for your own gifts.

Use code GIFTGUIDE to get free shipping on my website (excludes sub boxes, but works for anything else):

1. FUJIFILM​ ​Instax​ ​Mini​ ​9​ ​Instant​ ​Camera:​ ​​
2. Pretty​ ​Vulgar:​ ​​
3. DERMA​ ​E​ ​Overnight​ ​Peel:​ ​​
4. Honor​ ​7x:

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Instagram: itsmarziapie
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Necklace: Wanderlust + Co
Top: Asos
Hair Extensions: Bellami (dyed with Big Pink by Bleach London)

❤FTC – Huge thank you to Fujifilm, Pretty Vulgar, Derma E and Huawei for joining the list and sponsoring this video.


Rose Adams says:

i love your hair so mucchhh

Strawberry Koneko says:

i finally got an intax this year in a baby blue and those candy pop boarder film ! its mini 9 and I love it! just super fun and cute!

Pixel Life says:

your hair looks so soft

Daniela Correa Londoño says:

Omg im connecting to my femenine side while watching these beautiful, warm and cozy videos omg.

Adyy ._ says:

I love to get Anything in that list.

Sonia Dyne says:

I love the candle it looks so pretty

Alex Hakansson says:

She is quite

TheSkeletonTheme says:

Derma is a Greek word(δέρμα) which means skin >_<

Ale Love says:

Why is her voice weird

Darth Vader says:

Tits or gtfo

AlexT-Rex says:

Marzia, you're pretty like OHMY.
But you'reTOO skinny.
don't lose any more weight, please

Life in Film says:

Thanks for the guide! It was super helpful @marzia

FABULOUS Equestrian says:

I REALLY wanna get one of those cameras

Lilly Saur says:

the first gift list on youtube with options that I actually like.

HeJi Shin says:

arghhh these products are really horrible lol so sorry

Tera says:

Love the way you do review on every product ,it makes me want to buy it

lauren w says:

I want that mascara soooo bad

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