How to Create A Professional Website (Part 1)

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Hello everyone,

Today, I’m excited to show you a tutorial how to create a profesional website template in adobe photoshop software! Hope you like it!

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Mohammad Musa says:

Excellent web design tutorial. I like it. Now I make this web page easily. Thanks dear. Oh I am a web designer…here is this…

Doktor Jovan says:

Please part 2..

Nolan Frye says:

Where is "Part 2" .. ?

I mean, I can handle the design, just wondering where you implement in raw HTML / CSS code?

Brandon Johnson says:

Very nice page design….fresh and efficient. So how do we take it from photoshop to the web? WordPress, or you hand coding???????????

top bio says:

nice vidoe but more better if you add voice

Jorge Perez says:

what version is you photoshop nice video thanks

Nachiket Patel says:

Great work.. But how to make it live on web and responsive?

Creative Works says:

nice video. Thanks a lot for the tutorial.

Teguh Wijaya says:

try with XD

Cristian Fabian Avila says:

It would be nice if you added voice to your videos, i like them a lot, but they'd be better if you could explain why you do this or that, so that it is not only to repeat the steps, but to learn in a more integral way. (enlish is not my first language, sorry if i wrote it wrong).

Med A. Ismail says:

Keep the good work man

Indraja Salunkhe says:

helpful. thank you. 🙂

jude rajeeve says:

WOW Thanks man and thanks for your time that your helping others to learn that u have got 🙂

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