Port Surgery–Today I got my port so I can start chemotherapy in 3 days

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Coming out of anesthesia—not so bad. On to breast cancer treatment
Chemotherapy. Port surgery. Chemo port. Breast Cancer Babe


Behilue Hile says:

what a beauteful smile

John Martin says:

When I got my port, for my colon surgery, my nephew asked me to ask the surgeon two questions: 1. How many SHIPS come with my port? 2. Does each ship have a POOP DECK? I'm still in chemotherapy til the end of 2017… I hope, Lord willing. Bless you.

Ruthann McGee says:

You rock!!!! My son had a port and I described it as it looks kind of like a stethoscope head but in the chest, of course I think they are different today. You are beautiful. Good luck!!!!

Brooke Young says:

Love you! P.S I'm kinda pissed this video was only 52 seconds. 😉

mmisbach says:

Good job Sharee, keep the updates coming, and we are praying for you!

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