Rob Kardashian Weight Gain — Deliberate? | TMZ

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Rob Kardashian’s HUGE weight gain is so sudden that it’s almost inexplicable… unless it’s all just a Kris Jenner-ploy to get him a Weight Watchers contract!

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Rob Kardashian Weight Gain — Deliberate? | TMZ


Paulie says:

rob smoked crack with lamar,he was smoking so much he moved out and tried to fix his addiction.when you stop drugs everyone puts on a shitload of weight..

TheBreemad says:

Bunch of judgmental loud mouths. You're only known for low-life gossiping, which certainly makes you no better than the supposedly "talentless" Kardashians. And the one saying "it's either that or you had sex with Ray J" is fat as a mother. It would be best to focus on getting rid of your own saggy lumps and bumps before saying jack about anyone else. 

Kimberly Arnett says:

TMZ you should shut up and leave someone alone who is going through hard times you guys are evil a****

HeartFeltMusic says:

Ugh! So vulgar a comment is a waste of space.

HeartFeltMusic says:

Let's pray Rob doesn't develop a heart condition or diabetes; it's scary and he's so young. One of my cousins was very thin then started gaining weight in his early 20's; before the age of 30, he died suddenly of an enlarged heart and no one expected it. That is how dangerous things can be.

HeartFeltMusic says:

It's worrisome to see Rob in the shape he is in. He might be an 'emotional eater'; and tries to cope with hoplessness and helplessness through the temporary 'band aid' overeating can be. They live in fishbowl and that adds to the pressure of being perfect in a superficial arena where everyone competes for the best body, career, phony trends, etc. I hope Rob finds new friends to mentor and inspire him. His Mom and Ksisters are clueless.

HeartFeltMusic says:

It is depression. I suggest that he gather with men who can mentor him the right away. The Hank Baskett fitness training facility would be a good place for Rob to make new friends and connections. His family is sooo dysfunctional and unable to pull him out of his slump. Rob needs his own identity and a focus on self actualization.

HeartFeltMusic says:

Rob is struggling with a lot more issues than his weight. So many women 'eclipsing' is attempts to shine. He needs good guy-friends; the kind of friends that are grounded and can mentor him because that's not what Scott Disick is about. And now with his hero, Lamar Odom in and out of rehab, Rob has lost yet another man he could look up to (1st his dad, now Lamar). Pls tell Rob to look up Hank Baskett's new fitness center; he'll find solid men there with purpose; and will get him in shape too.

itsKarmaGoddess Gaming says:

Im like watching kuwtk and i so feel sorry for rob ….i wish i could tell his sisters and mum to fuck up and leave him alone. hes always getting picked on. i know hes the only boy besides bruce but i wish they could just be there for him

MissMyaxAx says:

Leave him alone u nasty fucktards!!

andrea brown says:

Too many burgers

V Sar says:

called being Armenian

Gabriel Yo. says:

it happens to the best of us.

DBSpy1 says:

The Kardashian family does not do anything if they are not paid many many millions,he must be waiting for a deal to drop the weight.

Mega King says:

Yep they all lost their dad and although it seems like sometime ago it still affects every single one of them Rob is constantly bullied by everyone in his family & you can tell just by watching the show he really has no one to turn to ,he has relationship issues & no real friends so obviously food was his way of dealing with things. From observation he needs love

YouCanDoIt says:

its depression

Daisy Jimeneze says:

He lost lot of Weight:)

Emilie Orlando says:

OMG!!! I feel so bad for him!!! I hope he loses it!!!

palmer491 says:

he looks like the stereotypical uncle with his weight gain

steven1990v says:

The attention getting picture reminded me of one of those To Catch a Predator ones

Jakubina Błaszczykowska says:

Scott stopped fucking him.

A lot less exercise during the day.

Meghansloth says:

Oh no, I'm so insulted. Again, for fuck's sake, please educate yourself.

Whiz Kid Debat's says:

Why he's so fat now??

Meghansloth says:

It's hilarious when foreigners speak negatively about other countries. If you don't live in the USA (or any country that you're complaining about for that matter), then you don't have any information to base your opinion. Statistically, the US has one of the highest HDI ratings. China, for example, has one of the lowest. If you don't know what it is, for fuck's sake, read a book.

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