UK Advertising Crackdown

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Independent Man says:

Original Article:
Women do more Xmas prep:
ASA report:
Stop pushing outdated gender roles:
Haygarth & Flamingo report:
Uni of London study:
UK Employment breakdown:
Lee Jussim article 1:
Lee Jussim article 2:

H LV says:

Can the principle of equality of opportunity by itself produce just outcomes in every situation? Surely equality of health outcomes is a resonable goal. If not then perhaps the men's rights movement should just accept that men will commit sucide more often and will be injured and die more often on the job as a logical consequence of adhering to the principle of equality of opporunity.

Flaming Hot Pestle & Mortar MGTOW says:

I swear the UK is becoming ever more Orwellian. I remember having to take an ad and remove all stereotypes and make it "trigger proof" back in high school.

Frazzle Face says:

The gender pay gap narrative is so thoroughly debunked, it's amazing to me that organizations still have the temerity to push it as a source of 'harm' and 'inequality'.

Mark Schad says:

Are adults an endangered species?

Kurt Ironmonger says:

Why can't these people tell the difference between "Fixed Rolls" and target consumers, It's not a woman job to do the washing up, however most women do do the washing up therefore the ads for washing up liquid will be targeted at women, do men do the washing up? Of course but not that many actually buy it, it's not sexist its marketing.

Kent Bishop says:

The Soviet Republic of Briton.

Michael Craig McGee says:

Don't people give gift's according to the interest of the person who receives the gift. A girl may or may not love an electronics set, but why force an electronics set on a girl who wants to dress up as Cinderella.

Rugia 1168 says:

Sounds like Britain is quickly slipping into totalitarianism.

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