What You’re Not Being Told About Lyme Disease | Dr. Jay Nielsen, MD

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If you or anyone you know suffers from fatigue, unexplained aches, brain fog, memory lapses, neck & joint stiffness, sleep troubles, night sweats, or heart palpitations.. did you know the #1 contracted pest-borne illness in the US is Lymes disease, and today’s Lymes has become a more virulent and destructive strain that can wreak havoc on your body and mental faculties while hiding from your immune system and remaining severely undetected and under-diagnosed using conventional medical tests? Worse yet, Lymes can spread to your spouse and even babies in the womb!

What can you do to get aware and protect yourself and your family from this real and present epidemic? Off-Grid doctor Jay Nielsen, MD returns to Reluctant Preppers to lay out the hard-hitting truths and ground-breaking protocol capable of achieving real healing – and you won’t hear this from most conventional doctors. Don’t delay while real damage is done: get aware and start on the road to healing today!

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Sherrie Locke says:

I need no more relapse! I am way better than I have been and not as well as I have been. I live in constant anxiety relapsing or not and I just shake.

Bazia zebrowski says:

Please! Lyme disease is the correct name. Let's at least get the name right. We are at least that far in awareness, not much further than that. When you call it Lymes it completely destroys your credibility with me.

DrColleenAnne Smith says:

Thank you for this invaluable information.

George Cranston says:

Also activated sodium chlorite known as chlorine dioxide, a powerful oxidizer, which is sold as MMS removes biofilm from water systems and can be safely used internally.
The pathogens do not develop immunity to silver or activated sodium chlorite, which are both naturally occurring substances.

Lilo Leist says:

If you suffer from Leaky Gut (as a side effect of Lyme) check out REGULAT PRO BIO from Dr. Niedermaier. This effectively healed my intestinal tract, restored my Immune System and improved my energy level. (I'm not being reimbursed for promoting this product.)

Doogy Dog says:

really enjoyed listening to ths doc, he is very personable and gave some excellent insights as well as treatment options, need to clone him.

Getapetahome says:

I was bitten FIRST in Yosemite, and later in Mountain Grove, MO and the second time, I captured and DNA tested the tick. I was only outdoors on Wednesday May 27 and found 1 TICK on Friday May 29, and MISSED the 2nd tick below my right outer ankle bone! Saw it as I was shaving my legs! THEN had them BOTH DNA tested at Clongen Labs. POSITIVE for borrelia burgdorferi! So what did RUSH University Infectious Disease do?? Visiting my hospital room (my kidneys were suddenly failing), their doctor seeing the PHOTOS of the tick in my ankle, proof it was in 48 (2nd 72) HOURS. HE LIED! He says there is no such thing as Lyme disease, by thwarting the test himself (putting IV antibiotics up in prep for the "test" he was running the next day). WOW! Be CAREFUL who you go to! I got Lyme OUT OF POCKET and RESTORED my KIDNEYS with my Lyme treatment. Yep. You heard that right. I am still a CKD patient, but I went from Stage 3 to a LOW stage 2 for renal failure after Lyme treatment.

Tom Kirk says:

He doesn't talk about pulse therapy.

Tom Kirk says:

Klinghardt protocol. You need pulsed wave therapy to bring them out from hiding. Coupled with strong ayurvedic and homeopathic medicine.

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