War Robots [3.6] – NEW Best Robot (Period)

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War Robots [3.6] NEW Best Robot Exorcist.
This video isn’t much different from the Previous one , basically it tells you the same Thing (That This Robot is completely Broken) however the second game Shows that it’s without a weakness and good for everything on All Maps , if you still don’t understand how broken is that , just know that i can’t say the same thing about the Dash bots.
finally since Pixonic is such an MVP company , they always misses-up something in each week Test Server and this one is without exception , we were supposed to test 4 different Robots and Weapons but Pixonic forgot to add 3 of them (Lmao) , and since i deleted everything on my live account you guys are stuck with gameplay videos for this Robot for the rest of this week as i am Lazy to make videos for other games.
Music used:(in order)
TULE – Fearless [NCS Release]
Ztuba & Sniib – Evolution [Frequency]
Seum Dero & Yonetro – Sprint [Frequency]
Jensation – Delicious [NCS Release]
Kadenza – Harpuia [NCS Release]
Original content belongs to the original owners.
Overpowered Robots is a Game Crated by Pixonic


Phoenix says:

considering the fact that my previous video got 70k views in just 1 day , here is another Exorcist Gameplay video lol

White Soldier says:

Its muffin time!

Ricardo santos says:

also can you invite me into a clan fight on Sunday 24 at 1:30pm I have FUJINI Rhino

Insanity says:

Pixo is now fucking over the p2w dash bot users lmfaoo

Ricardo santos says:

hey phoenix can you make a offer for the 2nd new robot for 200 au or 31 million ag

Love Life says:

LMAO, it's So funny AF to see everyone flying around.

War robots should introduce a new mode where everyone can use only same kind of bots :p

Quantaztic _ says:

I mean atleast its hp is low and it has no shield
I would say lower its speed

Nashmann Jango says:

You're lying Phoenix, i saw you have 5 cossacs in hangar – you didn't sold everything 😉 hhhh… That's what's my hangar is gonna look like when i waste the rest of my 130 milion silver on upgrading crapy/shitty stuff i left – boa, leo, lancelot, Griffin, rogatka, and another lancelot… And 5 cossacs – already bought them and waiting for TITANS to sell ex-premium bots (even boa and leo were premium 3 years ago)… War robots is now worst mecha game on the market…

Dragonblood781 says:

That bot will break the game. It's insanely overpowered. If pixonic release this bot as is. I will quit. Just like meny other people will. Pixonic has ran out ideas clearly. Well, what do you expect. Greedy assholes. Will charge 300$ for this game breaker. And people will be stupid and buy it. I'm sure this black hole money pit of a company has made billions off us already for way overpriced shit. I've been saying this for a long time now. Pay to win needs to go. I support the Ban micro transactions. Pixonic and EA can eat a dick. Fuck em!

X SnowCone X says:

Who else here would honestly be happier if they didn’t update the game at all (after the bots of Japan) ,rather than spewing out shitty overpowered gear every 3 months?

Dusts Dusts says:

Another bot to scam players who has money. Dont be a slave to payxonic…wakeup guys…they where laughing at those who fall to there trap…they got money and u got nothing to hold to..money for nothing dont be stupid guys.

X SnowCone X says:

4 medium at the same time?! That’s a bit overpowered…
(Also I thought get you quit, Phoenix.)

Maximo Citrangolo says:

Holaaaaaa saludame en uno de tus videos crak !!

I love Tater tots says:

Wow 11 pixonic developers, they are all haters.

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