President Donald Trump Reportedly Blaming Steve Bannon For Roy Moore’s Loss | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

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A new Washington Post report says Trump is blaming his former aide Steve Bannon, among others, for Roy Moore’s stunning loss to Democrat Doug Jones in Alabama. Our panel reacts.
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President Donald Trump Reportedly Blaming Steve Bannon For Roy Moore’s Loss | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


Rainbow Writer says:

That wasn’t the deck; that was the law. Old men can’t “date” 14 year olds, even in Alabama!

mark k says:


Alain Bourgeault says:

Bannon just show at Trump that negger have to be deported because the majority vote for Jones ,that prove the danger of Africains people in the society. They are cancer for a country and is youth.

Denis DeSapience says:

Former Rep Jolly got that right, not only the GOP, but the entire Country is BURDENED with a lunatic president with a dismal 32% "approval rating — and it is not going to go higher. After this disastrous "GOP-tax-Scam catches wind — the CRIMINAL Trump-elitist-stink of it will literally smother the entire GOP out of power in November 2018 and November 2020.

Noah Brady says:

Show me the evidence, I want to believe

Brian Nagle says:

I made my dog watch this he cried

Indomitable Spirit says:

Hey Turnip keep shooting yourself in the foot see you in 2020 LOL

Lee Johnson says:

Trump is issuing a Presidential Proclamation that says no one can say anything bad about Donald Trump on the Internet. Donald Trump is trying to Destroy the Internet. The Man, Donald Trump, is trying to Destroy everything in the world that is worth having.

habib boughalib says:

crazy trump

Richi says:

DEMON RATS keep dreaming this campaign is meaningless overall. You got nothing, this generation should be called Safe Space DeGeneration

Richi says:

This election was the most corrupt ever, the media, the government and Soros paid demonstrators in Trump rallies they did everything including the Fusion GPS move to spy on the opposing campaign. FBI corruption and degenerate Jefferson Beauregard Sessions need to quit. The POS chases weed and allows criminal Clintons to get away with murder.

Richi says:

How many dead democrats voted?

Spaz Thedrummer says:

Please write back

LA One says:

Hahaha keep backing them Trump, its a sure loss!

Spaz Thedrummer says:

We Have A Koran Pastor coming to the Church starting tonight are we going to be safe having A Korian Pastor at our Church in Manchester CT over on Hacmatac Trinity Covenant Church

CashLendupFast says:

Trump refuses to accept reality because reality is bad for him. This is par for the course for Trump, whose ego is more important than anything else in the world to him. It’s insatiable for praise and glory and incredibly fragile, so anything that threatens it in any way must be ignored or obliterated. But here’s the problem: Because of this, he has also done nothing to protect our rights from the same interference, or worse, in the future.

Montana Fishing says:

Good bye republicans. Good bye.

Shaul Ben-Yimini says:

TUR-RING-TEST (stand-by…for TUR-RING-TEST-II – as per Scottish lakes, than lasses / neses – talesim…nope…tallitot…das-Kind-war…) two-b-of-four (Copyleft Shaul Ben-Yimini December 15, 2017)


Geist says as follows:

'But there's NOTHING in that tweet that's true….'

So…WHAT is the tweet which Geist would react to?

Why (as it near-immediately follows, as would be 'evidentiary' to ambulance-chaser modes):

Geist: 'NONE of that is true. In-fact, Bob Corker LED the opposition to the Iran Deal….'

So…WHILE Geist says as-much…HERE'S the POTUS tweet which they superimpose (following allegations as made that NONE of what POTUS said was true – POTUS, I'd note, offers an OPINION (interpretation) than putative FACTS (as would lend themselves to truth/falsity))….

“Donald J. Trump
Bob Corker, who helped President O give us the bad Iran Deal….”

Okay…BEFORE I highlight WHAT's wrong with Geist's parse (though I've hinted that Geist's problem lies in distorting an interpretive-opinion by POTUS for a factual-claim never made) I should like to clarify MY view of the Iran Deal, AND, WHY….

Now…IF POTUS were facing me…I think it quite likely that I might have to preface my remarks as follows…Your Excellency…likely as not you will NOT agree with my views…nonetheless…let me at least articulate them…and then feel free to diverge as you very well might….

So…MY view would be…I TOO dislike the Iran Deal…but…NOT for the reasons that POTUS seems to….

I dislike the Iran Deal…as I believe it to be bad for IRAN…I would near-require (certainly strongly encourage Iran to accept nukes even if Iran doesn't want them) for Iran to HAVE nukes…for such a time as to normalize other countries being used to Iran.

(When Hamas won an election in Gaza…SOME were trying to say that they HOPED that in attaining power…it might moderate them…and I quipped that…to-be-sure…those who SAID that were offering a b'dieavad position…as they WEREN'T saying…in-ADVANCE…that they HOPED Hamas might win, and attain power, so that it might moderate them…and so my point would be (by-extension) that if and when Iran attains nukes…those uncomfortable with the idea will just have to get used to it – the alternative, presently, which Obama's plan would have us have to try to get used to…would be Iran being a second-class citizen among states…as WITHOUT nukes…and as would be DENIED such….)

Okay, then…so…with respect to Geist missing-the-point (most likely) and what POTUS could quite EASILY be understood to be saying…he might very well be saying as follows…that Bob Corker was offering a pantomime of opposition…working hand-in-glove with Obama…as that the RESULT of such theatrics was nonetheless an Iran Deal.

(SOME have critiqued that those as supposedly for 'civil liberties' (I'm for personal-sovereignty than mere civil-liberties, but, such as would highlight civil-liberties as their calling-card) were as if curiously-absent during the run-up to Zundel being deported from Canada…until accomplished…and THEN making a show of opposing such – POTUS' point might well be that the Iran Deal (which he is against for different stated reasons than mine) was a product of that incestuous Beltway-culture…so…sure…SOME will try to assert that there was an actual opposition to Obama's agenda…and that it was Bob Corker within that…but POTUS' point might-well-be it would be as IF a staged bit of theatrics – the point being that the Obama agenda is what got through…WHY do I think Obama would push such an unfavourable matter (with regards race-relations – with Iran as denied nuclear-lunch-counter-service)…WELL…I think it's PARTLY that Obama would seek for some legacy as not JUST about race (he genuinely would like to see a nuclear-free world – and, I think it's DO-ABLE (Obama is not wrong on THAT – and, for another time why I think that – well, okay, briefly…nukes have a LIMITED shelf-life…and are trackable (radioactive emissions)…so IF you keep monitoring (like getting rid of smallpox) and it's a matter which CAN be tracked (as stated) it's a do-able goal – BUT doing it requires doing the POLITICS right…AND…those politics as would NEVER let other countries get nuclear-lunch-counter-service…is NO dice…RATHER…all must be ALLOWED to dine there…and on their OWN conclude it's not worth the heart-burn, etcetera))…but it's ALSO that Obama has a BAD habit of throwing anyone ELSE under-the-bus when it comes to race if it would be costly for him, otherwise….)

As per 'Benediction' exeunt doings and Stephen Colbert….

Stephen Colbert made a funny that POTUS might say that he's better than George Washington…as he knows how to tell a lie….

NONETHELESS…aside from that THAT is likely a legend…and 'Parson Weems' as maybe NOT a parson – like 'Colonel Homer Simpson' in the South…it MIGHT be considered to say…that George Washington couldn't tell if someone ELSE was lying…that HE couldn't tell a lie from not a lie, etcetera?

So…maybe Stephen Colbert…missed THAT, too – akin to Geist missing-out…it-would-seem?

Oh yeah…Geist…as presumes POTUS to use a perfect-verb (helped)…but POTUS might have meant an imperfect-verb (helped) – incomplete-action – underscoring a possible pantomime, besides….

The structural PROBLEM with opponents of POTUS ('progressives') SEEMS to be that they mistakenly THINK that their ideologies are intact, rather than as like the Titanic / Olympic – one of the more compelling 'conspiracy' theories, if you ask me….

(Copyleft Shaul Ben-Yimini October 25, 2017)]

Justin Reily says:

Yes, this loss IS on Bannon. It's only on Trump because he chose to listen to Steve "wormtongue" Bannon. Trump didn't even remotely support Roy Moore until the very end. Trump needs to distance himself away from wormtongue…I mean Steve Bannon as far away as possible.

gladys says:

Trump is still in denial of the fact that  part of the reason why Jones won in Alabama is because of him.

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