Promising Cancer Cure Hits the Market! [Car-T Cells]

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Scotland’s TC BioPharm joins bluebird to develop next-gen CAR-T

Pioneering cancer drug, just approved, to cost $475,000 — and analysts say it’s a bargain

The U.S. FDA Just Approved a Treatment That Reprograms Cells to Fight Cancer



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Corvin Predoiu says:

This is 100% Marketing; just another way to get more money from the sick people; They treat cancer in traditional way and the global cost is more than 1 trillion dollars every year, so yes, this is another business opportunity; We're transiting now from a monopol market to a duopol market with this new treatment. Yes, every year we advertise for new cars, equipment, meds (drugs) why not for this CAR-T Cells. It seems a good product to advertise because save you from suffer and pain, and I'm ok with that, but is this really the truth? WHY….very easy: We all know the cancer is the result of modified food, cigarettes, ozone hole (also a result of human actions) and some other factors, all of them are synthetic factors. So, if this is the result of a synthetic process, why using another synthetic product to cure it? Is it to cover the very initial problem or another way to make more money? Because the money is the subject here not the healing process. If they gonna say, "the cost for the treatment goes down with 50%", we may say this is good for all parties involved, but if the cost is the same or higher, we go strict for the business opportunity to make more money for the rich people, while the sick people remain sick. And the reason they put kids in this film are only for the specific purpose to make you cry and to think about that "poor kid" and about his happiness and joy, and why not not, about his future, but they prefer to spend billions to invent synthetic treatment and drugs, they go on media with this FDA pre-approval and they're waiting for sure a boom on a stock market to get billions from all the people all over the world, when in fact the cure process is painless and cheaper. But they don't want painless and cheap, because they don't care, actually. And this is the real problem. Hypocrisy. We search every day to eat bio, organic food and we try to live healthy so why are we investing billions in synthetic treatments? We should go to the origins, and use more scorpion venom to treat cancer. Why scorpion venom? Well, scorpions are the most old specie on this earth, more than 400 million years on this planet, and the survive to all ages on this earth and they can survive 4 years without food so it's safe to assume they have the best antidote to any sick we may have. But the problem in using this venom is that is very cheap, and we don't want to create cheap drugs or cheap treatment, because all this industry will became anonyme and we don't want that. The solution for those people to want to cure cancer is a scorpion farm, where there can be collect venom and/or treat people sick direct with scorpion sting. Nobody died from scorpion sting but millions die from cancer. What is better and what is healthier?

stephen willis says:

you can kill cancer with marine phytoplankton it takes about 1 to 3 months at the same time you must stop eating meat fish and dairy and eat lots of fruit vegetables and berries

Speed Demon says:

all good talk no side effect, all action has and equal and opposite reaction, NO!!/?

Akshay Kmr says:

Awesome and knowledgeable video as always 🙂

Sudipto Kumar says:

Please make a VIDEO on HOW BIG IS WARNER BRO. …

Alex Burke says:

these t-cells sounds familiar lol

Gabriel Trainer says:

Public available and $475k per shot don't combine.

Surfing The Internet says:


Aziz rupawala says:

Wow that's costly ,so basically right now it's not practical and that's heartbreaking:'(

Romeo P. says:

The cure for cancer is GOD

The Robot That Stole Your Jawb!!! says:

400k = unaffordable

Athar Nayab says:

Thank for this video and whoever developer this treatment

John Gore says:

I sense a zombie apocalypse coming…

Ry J says:

I imagine that one day we will look back on using chemo / radiation and say wow they were so wrong.

mind reader says:

Its really a great step in the fight against cancer..hope the price will come down soon..

David M says:

This sounds like Resident Evil almost lol

srikanth guna says:

permanent solution for cancer natural immunotheraphy contact 9912872074

whatido120 says:

All comes down to money

whatido120 says:

What's a life worth to a doctor to help u live mmmmmm

John Doe says:

Great, old burdens can weigh our nations down even more! Wow the future

king james488 says:

so where do the birds and roller coaster come into play?

monoham1 says:

your explanation is self contradicting. a virus that places receptors on t cells would not rewrite their dna and those cells would not give those receptors to their offspring but if they modify the tcell dna then 1 they are not planting the receptors on the cells. 2 they are changing their dna so that they produce the receptors themselves. but they are not any longer the same as the persons original cells. they're a transplant. and
that means it's not a drug. it's a dna modification. the same kind made to GM food. The same kind as grey goo

mateXone says:

Genetic modification is the future of medicine

Ranto Rajaonarivelo says:

Directly shared it

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