Physics in 6 minutes

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Music: String Quintet in E Major, Op. 13- Minuet

Supporters: Roman Rys, Shannon McLaughlin, Save the Dinosaurs, Marko Charqueno, Indrek Palmi


Benjamin Dupee says:

If you wanted to travel faster than light wouldn't your mass have to be "1" or less not "0"? I mean plug "0" into that equation you aren't going anywhere it all runs down to "0" right?

Xxx MlgCombo xx says:

Somehow this gave me a boner.

Blasterbolt1 says:

Physics is not a joke…
And this video is…
Stop trying to be funny…

justin barker says:

Stop trying to be funny

GCYSL Beats says:

Does he use text to speech or does he talk like this or edit his voice????

Swiftie Belieber says:

5:15 when he said "I have only five minutes"

ma403 says:

gender studies and black holes matter. this channel is awesome. fuck off liberals

Leyna Maves says:

Quantum mechanics is the only interesting flavor of physics

Adi_Z says:

make on maths in 6 mins

A Very Judgmental Person. says:

You lost me with the presentation, 3/10.

Jake Kohn says:

Hahaha they played comfortably numb which is from the wall which isn’t the dark side of the moon which is the Pink Floyd album that has the prism In it lol

Kunai Killa says:

Chicken nugget science is some sick shit.

Federico Zanandreis says:

But comfortably numb on a the dark side image?

Fares Amgad says:


Buddy Blowsocket says:

This AI has the most bland voice I have ever heard. Gross

Arnav Krishna says:

this is great wow

Jonathan Olson says:

Black holes matter ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Tyler Picket Pin says:

couldn't even last ten fucking seconds in the video. too god damn annoying. You dickheads think you're smarter because you can listen to a fucking computer shittily pronounce words? I grew out of that as a child, apparently you didn't.

Phase Bred says:

I used to think this guy was smart but after studying some basic quantum and theoretic physics as well as some astrophysics all these videos just frustrate me because of the illogical analogies and the over simplifying of things to the point where they are borderline incorrect

Eetu The Hunter says:

You forgot Goat Simulator physics

vishal shaw says:

Just watch Rick and Morty nigga!

Tariq Qureshi says:

Wtf you said 6 minutes but its only 5 minutes 40 seconds.

Adi Bhattacharyya says:

Boccherini smoothens Physics

Morzimax says:

You forgot about mordern physics

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