Nicotine Addiction for Beginners

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Nicotine Addiction for Beginners calls persistent cigarette-smoking by its proper name.


soul survivor says:

love the video I was addicted to them cigs and yes we do make up them excuses


I am so thankful for this video I almost started today but there was heaps of rain and I told myself that I would scare myself to death if that's what It takes to not smoke Thank you so much in helping me with this.

renan miguelote says:

3 weeks clean its getting harder and harder tough… even with the replacement drugs….

Naomi Robinson says:

This video needs more attention, its brilliant 🙂

Stu smoker says:

I am heavy smoker and so is my partner and all my family smoke. I love it, don't mind that will die younger and being addicted makes me enjoy smoking even more. I love being with a proud heavy smoker, love lighting up together, and wish could smoke all day long

Nicholas Collins says:

Nobody dies from nicotine, they smoke for the nicotine and as they keep smoking to get their nicotine fix, the tar kills them. Your a doctor I would not lie and misconceive people of whats really killing them in these cigarettes.

Ryu Song says:

I wish nicotine/tobacco never existed in the first place

Murilo Perrone says:

Impressive video. That is heart touching.

Excellent job in bringing instructing people about what's happening with them.

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