Miami Beach Funkshion 2017 – Montce Swim | FashionTV

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MIAMI – FashionTV takes you backstage for Montce Swim at Funkshion Fashion Week Miami Beach. Take a look inside. Brought to you exclusively by FashionTV.

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Bennewman11 says:

What is the second music tune called it's wicked!

BeamingSplendor says:

8:15 Here's your goddess ratio.

pippin mac says:

Sofia Jamora- 0:22 front 0:34 back … 4:16 front 4:35 back … 7:55 front 8:09 back … 12:49 front 13:05 back … 14:49 final walk by

Yzahk González says:

Who's the bouncy thicc girl?

FreeStyleProjector says:

12:49 – Wow O.O … she's just perfect !

Chekamix says:

swim prey miami pliz

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