How I became a marine biologist

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Since I remember I have a great love and respect for the ocean, and all this was transformed into the will of becoming a marine biologist after watching a TVseries. This is the very very very very resumed story of how I ended up doing a PhD in marine biology!
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Lex Games says:

do you need to be good at math, to be a marine biologist? because I am horrible at math.

Becca Young says:

I'm a junior in high school and I've had my mind set on being a marine biologist for so long. My question for you is – have you taken the SAT or ACT and does it matter which one you take?

Carl Love says:

firstly great video, fun lol.
now, i am currently doing undergrad bilogy in uk. i want to get onto a masters in marine biology. however when i finish my biology i will be 37 yrs old. then i still need to get into the marine side for a further 2 years.
do you think maybe my age by then could hold my back

V-rex and Luckyjag24 says:

You r so clichéd lady

V C says:

Im in my late 30s and I am miserable at my job and would love to get into working with eaither animals/ especially Apes or the study of marine biology . So much to explore 🙂 Do you think its too late to make such a drastic career change? Im smart but not PHD smart. Any suggestions for a position in marine biology or even the study of Apes. I would study abroad if I had to for eaither. Curious how many years of schooling those careers would require. I do have an associates then I left college prematurely to go into financial trading. I rather be happy for the 2nd half of my life even if I take a pay cut doing so. I know your career pays well too, but I doubt you do it for the money when your passion and love for your career ovverides the dollar. Happiness is richer than currency on any platform. Glad you are able to live out your dream 🙂 All the best moving foward.

Micaella Martim says:

hi, i love this video. Im so happy that more people are coming to youtube and talking about there careers. I love marine bioloy and im planning to major in it. I've always love the ocean and the show ocean girl! Its so nice to get the perspective of someone who is a marine biologist.

Racheal Abuine says:

I am from a landlocked county and currently am studying a masters in marine biotechnology. I have a picture of my inspiration for studying marine biotechnology however I can't really put it to words to explain to anyone curious about my choice of study.

Rayn chow says:

Hii im new to ur channel. If u dont mind i would like to ask a question. Was money a problem when you went to university to take marine bio as a course? Im currently 15 in spore and finance is a problem when i think about it.

Zack Byrd says:

I just started watching your videos and I've been wanting to be a marine biologist since I was a kid and I'm obsessed with orca whales

Pa7NaSS says:

i'm from kuwait, we saw it here
and i have the same kind of start as you, hopefully one day i'll be working in marine bio life


Thanks for opeaning up my mind i know where i belong…… WITH THE OCEAN

Rishabh Sharma says:

So when are you coming to India?

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