FROM SOFTWARE NEW GAME Teaser Trailer (The Game Awards 2017)

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FROM SOFTWARE NEW GAME Teaser Trailer (The Game Awards 2017)

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Antonio Prekpalaj says:

This trailer has more story then destiny 1

gwright138 says:

Personally i think it's armoured core

Endgam3r says:

Please be Tenchu, the world NEEDS a new Tenchu Game.

Letter Robo says:

I'm hoping it'll basically be Echo Night 4. Especially since From Soft never game us Echn Night 2 outside of Japan.

Spartan043 says:

Why is From Software "That Dark Fantasy Game Developer" these days? Where the hell is my Armored Core, goddammit?!

Ruben Fraser says:

plot twist the game is called shadows die twice.

The North Swamp says:

Shadow tower two

Danny Moe says:

Is this isn't bloodborne 2, I hope From Software receives backlash from lack of sales. If they took any notice to their fanbase they'd realise that a sequel to Bloodborne is what pretty much everyone wants.

Danny Moe says:

From Software: "Nioh 2, right??

Cameron Mears says:

Tenchu…. it better be Tenchu.

I Have Skill says:

Demon souls 2? jk that games trash ill go kms

I Have Skill says:

bloodborne weapon.

adam berg says:

Try excitement, then try hole.

Skeletroller says:

This better be a new Tenchu game.

Shamaldie says:

I don't understand why reopening a closed and complete chapter, sequels are overrated.

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