Day in the Life of a Marine Biologist

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Follow the daily lives of four scientists working on an extraordinary tropical island.


Charlie Kitty says:

This would be the perfect job for me, I love animals and I love swimming, perfect!

Laceydoesitgamergirl Shark says:

Very important spider check. LOL

NatureNate&3FtSnake says:

Want this job so badly I free dive in the ocean all the time for sometimes 3 mins. I'm never scared of the ocean and live to observe it

Alejandro Abreu says:

I've always wanted to be a marine biologist, i'm living in Montreal but i can't find programs in this field. And i'm about to start college, can anyone tell me about a good uneversity where I can study it here in Canada?

Maeve Leonard says:

I'm 11 years old and I don't know why but the thought of me beinging a marine biologist inspires me so much and makes me so happy and want to do something great with my life

Maceo.AF LIFESTYLE says:

Omg that crab tho

Maceo.AF LIFESTYLE says:

This here is my dream job i experimented for 3 days in an island called catalina i was terrified but soooo excited!!!

illusioNtv says:

I am thinking of becoming a marine biologist. My main fear about this is sharks :/ have you ever had to deal with sharks while diving and if so what could you say that would help take the edge off of it? I love the idea of researching the corals, plants, and small fish (small as in not something that could swallow me whole) lol. I am thinking of attending the college in coos bay (SouthWestern) what would you say to someone interested in joining this field?

Hello Cortez says:

This is my dream job and I am allergic to fish. Can't wait for the years to come!I am currently in 5th grade

Hello Cortez says:

This is my dream job and I am allergic to fish. Can't wait for the years to come!I am currently in 5th grade

Nathan Wilson says:

I know volunteering is very important when your trying to get a job like this so I wanted to know where you volunteered?

Fella says:

After a bachelor in literature ive done a year of journalism. In October I will be starting a master in Business but I highly doubt that it is the way to go. After watching the documentary Chasing Coral I'm truly believing that there are other jobs out there that could fit my dream to travel and protect the world. However Ive never scuba dived before and might be scared of the ocean. Im truly unsure of what to do. What would you say different biologists can do? Can you not know how to scuba dive and still see yourself doing such a career?

Ahmed Yanaal says:

The featured song is Stay Alive by José González.

naomi ro says:

im going to college in 2018 what classes do i need to take to become a marine biologist

Brooky Larson says:

Does being a marine biologist mean a lot of traveling?

William Strnad says:

Favorite Video On SeaKateRun

Happylollipop 101 says:

I'm only 11 and my DREAM is to be a marine biologist

Project Manaia - Ocean Conservation & Research says:

The big trouble is, that the idea and the reality of being a Marine Biologist can be rather different which is part of the reason why I ended up creating my own job running Research Expeditions in Southeast Asia (See my channel) BUT: If you like it, it can be the most rewarding and satisfying job in the world!

William Strnad says:

Where is this please tell me?

William Strnad says:

I am facinated by marine biology ever since i was 2 I went to seaworld and I saw seals I still love seals and love marine biology you should check out this place I donate called the PMMC Pacific Marine Mammal Center

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