A Breakdown of Shadows Die Twice [New Game by FROM Software]

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A new IP? Bloodborne 2? A spiritual successor to Bloodborne, or to Kuon, Tenchu, Shadow Tower, Demon’s Souls? Bloodborne Kart? Yeah it’s probably Bloodborne Kart.

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Scott Sterling says:

Just to add to the over analyzing… It looked to me like someone looking at their forearm from a first person view, as if this functions as the new tendons in the forearm. Reason i say that is obviously on the bottom right socket is clearly larger where as the top left piece is smaller. Also when the device tightens whatever is fixed into the top left of the device twists, and when the device loosens the top left piece returns to a normal position. Also if we assume the bottom right socket is the "base", when the device becomes taught it shifts away from our POV and the bone and device all turn towards the top of the screen. Lastly when the screen fades in slowly if we assume this is a makeshift forearm, it might suggest the character in question is in great pain or anger, as if whatever happened or this augmentation was very recent.
Long explanation short, it looks like someone supinating their forearm

Joe Hammer Gaming says:

Lol is this going to be miyazakis answer to NiOh or something totally different? Maybe a different more horror style take on the souls formula could be good. What do you guys think?

Jeff Neumann says:

Clearly armored core

Miko says:

Could be a Shadow Tower reboot.

Salty Snake says:

Welp, whatever it is, just be prepared to die

bmav007 says:

Ill be happy with whatever they release but A new Tenchu game would be AMAZING. I had Wrath of Heaven on PS2 and it was a fantastic game! Didn't realize it was FROMSOFTWARE!

XTheProtagonistX says:

Simple…It's Dark Souls 4.

Christian Erickson says:

The mechanism is attached to the bone, not piercing it. I think you are right on the money with the tenshu sequel.

Zack Harmon says:

"Used to create and maintain tension" maybe you are more accurate with that statement then you realise.

EL Gamer Mexican says:

Maybe a new Otagi?

Albert C.W. Chessa says:

The best thing is that we’re getting what is clearly intended to be a Bloodborne-evoking new title! Gosh Vaati…this reminds me of the very first vids I ever saw of yours, the early BB ones…speculating on what little info we had back then 😀 Some of my favourite memories! I hope we see a surprise reveal on the last day of PSX, but you know what, I’m happy with this for now and hopefully, gradual teases over the next few months…Yamamura, you’re up buddy! If this is Bloodborne Goes East…I could dig that 😀 Whatever it is, its From…Guys/gals/all, may the speculation and waiting begin! 😀

jabroni says:

Im thinking a new Tenchu?

John Randa says:

Tenchu… Tension… The cable pulling taught. Maybe a reference through a play on words?

cosmicloner says:


Sage Freke says:

Shadow Armored Core?

The Zantidraf says:

It's obviously gonna be an Armored Core mobile card kart game.

Try Hyde says:

aahh from software ..
or some say from soft ..
do you hear our prayers?
grant us games .. grant us games …


That's an arm it looks like an artificial arm there's a bone and that's looks like it's part of his body. here's my timeline for the soul series Demon's Souls happens the old one gets lured back to Slumber the world loses their knowledge of Soul Arts the great ones come thousands of years later bloodborne happens I count Dark Souls as a separate Universe from Demon's Souls and blood-borne.


Clearly Half Life 3

j c says:

Shadow in Japanese is Kage. Naruto's special technique is the Kagebunshin no jutsu. Naruto game by From confirmed?

woke rising says:

Bloodborne 2 without Gothic European setting is not Bloodborne. I think this is a new IP.

Chris Hamilton says:

Less than twenty second trailer 11 minute explanation. I love you Vaati

gwright138 says:

Personally i think it's armoured core

crankpatate says:

Hey Vaati,I'm a little bit confused, you didn't mention that interview with Miyazaki where he told us that they are working on 3 things (after Dark Souls has ended and he told us he won't make an other dark souls). I can't fully remember, what he said, but wasn't it something like: One new take on an old franchise, Sometjing new and rly crazy and something for the Dark Souls fans?A lot of people were pretty sure the new game of an old franchise would most certainly be Armored core, s death stranding tje new crazy IP?Just wanted to mention, maybe you forgot about that inerview. 🙂

Synthisis says:

It's a Tenchu game

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