Top 10 Commercials of 2016

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Here have some commercials.


Amira Sarkar says:

This reminds me of rock paper siserers

Sarah Burkhardt says:

The fourth one sad I cried when they rejected the dog

Sarah Burkhardt says:

The second one the best

Pee Ping Dee Lut says:

Goddamit Macys, why did you make me cry

Superfunone Aj And Tfm says:

why am i watching ads by choice…

unicorn fan forever says:

-"- I love sheep and what's wrong with that.

CuteKittyOneThousand says:

Please don’t hate in this comment, but I don’t like the Amazon one. I think it’s sad because the dog shouldn’t have to change himself just for the baby to like him. The baby needs to get used to him without the mane on

Sahi Mi ? says:

abi bu film çok güzel olmuş

AvaAndPickle Yea says:

The Coca-Cola one:
Boy smiles at frowning snowman.
And do you know what the boy is?

(I'm not sure if I said this sentence correctly but DEAL WITH IT)

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