American Experience Influenza 1918

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Influenza 1918 – premieres 10.15pm, Thursday September (Sky 534 & Virgin Media 243) On November 11, 1918, the world breathed a collective sigh of relief as …


equarg says:

I did an essay and oral presentation on bacteria, viruses, and terrorism/engineered diseases in Biology….during the SAR's scare.
I got an excellent grade on it!
Looking back, I realize I SHOULD of talked about/wrote about the 1918 Influenza outbreak!
But I made a metaphor comparing diseases to baseball.
Perhaps we should not only whom is on pitchers mound (pitching a disease at us), but perhaps we should be looking at whom nature (the coach) has warming up in the preverbal bull pen!
Now we have had H1N1, West Nile, Bird Flu, and Zika!

It's amazing how many of these viruses mutate due to humans contacting wild animal or concentrating animals into filthy messes!
Not to mention the speeds we travel now.

Frankly, looking at todays political unstability, refusal to vaccinate, and the scary shit they are engineering in labs (like an Ebola cold/flu hybrid) its only a matter of time before Influenza 2.0 strikes…..and the death toll will PALE in comparison to the 1918 outbreak.
Or be the Black Death of this Millennium.

Especially if the virus is engineered, and then mutates into something that monsterous.

Nature then will truly get the last laugh if/after that happens!

equarg says:

Wow. Just wow.
Why is THIS not taught in history class!?

Phyl Mi says:

"At last, many thought, they were safe. But masks didn't help. They were thin and porous. No serious restraint to tiny microbes. It was like trying to keep out dust with chicken wire." The research and production needed to present this report must have been astounding. Thorough and incredibly enlightening. I did not know.

My great grandmother's son, Luther Hay of Haysi, Virginia, an enlisted serviceman during WW1, died of influenza in 1918, before he even reached battle. Again, the idea of a large number of people in cramped surroundings like that in the military helped the deadly germs to spread.

MrRizon says:

Incredible documentary, amazing how far medicine has come.

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