Putin: Despite Political Ban, Russia Will Not Boycott Winter Olympic Games

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Russian President Vladimir Putin said Russia would allow athletes to compete at the 2018 Winter Olympics under a neutral flag
During the President’s visit to the GAZ Group Automobile Plant, workers asked his opinion on the International Olympic Committee’s decision to suspend the Russian team from the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang.
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Benny Harriston says:

putin for president…..and i am american……lol

TaHkyIO_Kak_Mory says:

USA – frightened cowards and chickens

Lilithofeden1 says:

They test you more cause they probably want your genetics.

Lilithofeden1 says:

Dope test as fake as obama's birth certificate.

Lance Van der Heyden says:

Someone will probably do something nasty at the games so I don't think there will be a very good turnout anyway people are shiting themselves over terror attacks.

Lilithofeden1 says:

I am boycotting it anyway. No Russian figure skating no reason to watch it again.

El Tuko says:

As for my part I will boycott it, sorry Russia its not your fault, but I wont tolerate the BS of the U.S. deep state anytmore, resistance is Victory, you should try it.

Don Pepe says:

They should boycott it in my opinion, thats like bending over to the U.S.

Templar Knight says:

Who really cares about the Olympics anyways. I stopped watching that over 20 years ago.

Lance Van der Heyden says:

There will be no true Olympic champions this time around because Russia probably has someone that could beat them

Colin Tan says:

More Western sanctions are going to be applied until the dude is color revolutionized.

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