Going Nuclear – Nuclear Science – Part 3 – Plutonium Implosion

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The Manhattan project investigated Uranium and Plutonium devices and technical problems with the Plutonium forced the development of a much more complex, and ultimately more efficient system which used implosion to assemble the critical mass.


Ben Quinney says:

Manley perfect name for a physicist

NeverTalkToCops1 says:

First time I've seen photo of implosion test result on metal cylinder. Fascinating! After decades of gobbling up data on nuclear weapons, I must say you have demonstrated very fine knowledge of the process in an excellent video. I learned some new things here, like the complexity of the "urchin" neutron initiator. Now, how did they print such a modern looking, stick on label on that first 2.5 micro gram of PU239 sample?

Do you have any photos of the inside of the gaseous diffusion plant at Oak Ridge, during its operation? I'm always stunned by what that plant accomplished, and how fast it was built. Thank you.

H X says:

Read a book by richard rhodes on this, very interesting, recommended if you want some more depth on this 🙂 excellent video

s10w10rr1s says:

have you heard the name Gunnar Thornton?

YeshuaAgapao says:

Manhattan Project film 1986 – teenager builds are nuclear go boom boom with no google or internet or even BBSes.

MrYellow says:

Will this series go into fusion?

Sebastian Finke says:

Time drags between these videos. Keep 'em coming!

sebasmiles says:

Now for the H-Bomb….I always found that the most interesting, in particular as most people misunderstand the purpose of the Hydrogen!

Festering In The Crypt says:

Damn. This is still a very cool video, and even cooler series, but when I first saw it, I thought there was a nuclear science mod for kerbal. Oh well

Sasur44 says:

Any chance we could get a follow up video/series on the use of nuclear in Space (past, present and future)?

dannyoman says:

Why am I so interested in phisics , knowing everything about everything is a great virtue

Andrew says:

Holy fcuk these old guys were smart

Barry Goffe says:

This is a fascinating series Scott! Thanks so much for making these. Can't wait for next one!

Kevin Miedema says:

the knowledge you are about to obtain, cannot be unlearned.

MFToastable says:

My face is up here, Scott!

MrFish291 says:

Will you eventually talk about thorium reactors? Why is thorium supposedly good for creating energy but not for weapons?

Wzrd says:

ur moma is so fat it takes a plutonium implosion device to bang her.

Vincent Law says:

This is awesome.

LoPhatKao says:

I find myself more curious about the black book labelled "PoC : GTFO"…

Keplergamer says:

2000+ likes x 7, that's crazy. Loved the video when I saw the "detonation wave patterns" and about explosive lenses. Very new info to me.

brian554xx says:

Scott's outro music always gets my attention; in any mood, I await the almost spiritual awe I feel at the boogle-blong just before it cuts off.

oversoul says:

Amazing stuff. The creepy, subtle music is perfect for this topic.

Jordan McDonald says:

Scott you should come up to eastern Washington and visit the Hanford site. You can go on a tour of B Reactor and visit LIGO.

CPLCraft says:

You're on a list Scott, you're on a list.

technogeekworld says:

Concerned how far this description was going to go?! Don;t we have enough problems out there?

Sheldon Robertson says:

Hopefully without starting a political argument/circle jerk, I'd just like to say that with the current geopolitical climate we need more people in society who are educated on these topics, and I support anyone spreading the knowledge.

sibilantintake says:

Feynman may not have been the only one who watched the Trinity test through just a windshield: https://www.sindark.com/2011/02/22/feynman-and-the-trinity-test/

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