BREAKING: Yes, I will! – Putin Announces Run For Re-election in 2018 Russian Presidential Election

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Russian President Vladimir Putin has confirmed that he will seek another term in office in next year’s presidential election in Russia.
“Yes, I will run as a candidate for the Russian presidency,” Putin said. He was meeting with workers at the country’s historic manufacturer, GAZ (Gorkovsky Avtomobilny Zavod), in Russia’s Nizhny Novgorod on Wednesday.

“Our country is its people, people like you,” the Russian leader said, addressing workers and veterans of the plant. “It’s workers, scientists, engineers, designers, teachers and doctors,” Putin said, adding that with the “active involvement” of its people, Russia “can deal with any, even the most complex challenges it faces.”

“Russia will go only forward and no one will ever stop it,” he added.

Earlier in the day, the president attended the Russian Volunteer 2017 award ceremony in Moscow, where he asked the audience whether they would support his decision to run. The answer was seemingly a unanimous “Yes.”

“When I make [the decision], I will certainly keep in mind our conversation today and your reaction,” Putin said. He added that “the motive behind [this very responsible decision] can be only the desire to make people’s lives in our country better and make the country itself more powerful and protected.”

The upcoming election will be the fourth in Putin’s political career. He held the office of president for two terms from 2000 to 2008, and served as prime minister from 2008 to 2012. Putin then won a third term as president in 2012.
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Robert Sermon says:

Since GAZ is endorsing, does Putin get a new Volga if he wins? VAZ needs to up the ante with a classic 4 door Lada sedan.

Yopi Sutedjo says:

Yes, God Bless Putin.

Colin Tan says:

Putin will need the next terms to rebuild as he has now promised the destroyed Eastern Christianity in Syria. God will bless him.

Bharath Dev says:

putin is a good leader.

Ken James Jr says:

What a Sham, this guy is president for life. Putin is a dictator.

Queen Bee says:

I'm from Australia and I'm overwhelmed with joy to hear Mr Putin is running for re-election!!! My best wishes to you Mr Putin and the Russian people. God bless you all!

Marat De Mars says:

It's funny how at the end nobody says "Russia" along with the mic guy. In fact, many people in the country seem not to really want him again as the president.

Channa Tirimanne says:

THE best Loved President in the world,..this guy is beaming with personality and confidence…Lucky Russians

minormajor1 says:

Thank God. Mr Putin is Christian civilisation's last hope.
Good luck sir.

Renee Soryu says:

I thought it wasn't possible for YouTube comments section to be a worse joke than it was, but these Putin bots proved me wrong.All these recently made accounts without any playlists praising Putin like he's a god, they must have serious mental delay

MatrixPentester says:

He really means that 2018 is year of russians. God bless Putin, hope he will help occupied Serbia

Bingo Jet says:

Wow this channel is even more blatant state propaganda than RT. Wake the fuck up Russians, your government is a sham.

Sergey Am says:

Оптимальный вариант для России..

ba sook says:

be careful Mr. Putin, US might middle in your elections

Uke Cena says:

world's best president ♡

Divine.9 says:

Very exciting news! I am looking forward to the new year for Russia!

Kevin Wong says:

With there is light. shadows lurk and fear reigns. Yet by the blade of knights. Mankind was given hope. Yes the golden knight with the golden armor is no one other or else then mr president putin. Our Savior of Hope & Peace besides Salvation to Purity!

phukemonster says:


Wolf says:

Now will see whether American hackers are gonna hack Russian election or not to retaliate from Putin.

Tom Almow says:

Winners are good at what they do and Mr Putin is such a person for Russia and other friendly nations of Russia plus global peace.

feelsomething inmusic says:

If he doesnt win we know some crooked usa illuminati elite ,and politics messed with something and someone to cause chaos, because the people of Russia love this man so do I and I'm an ebarassed american.

shawe1010 says:

Good for the WORLD.

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