The Sacred Riana Semi-Final 2 – VOTING CLOSED | Asia’s Got Talent 2017

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Vote #AGTVote11 to send The Sacred Riana to the Grand Final! To vote:

1) Create a Facebook post with the hashtag #AGTVote11 , OR
2) Go to @Asiasgottalent Facebook page and click on the message button to vote, OR
3) Google Search “Asia’s Got Talent vote”!

Voting closes Sunday, 11.59pm, so vote NOW! Learn more here:

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Asia’s Got Talent Season 2, Thursdays at 8.30PM SIN/HKG/MAL/PH | 7.30PM JKT/BKK

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GBK Shooterz says:

Me breaking stuff after I got killed on roblox

So Soda says:


Yigs says:

No me hace gracias y su tic es estúpido e innecesario.

Ingah Bekau says:

i am so scared

ไม่ มี จริง says:

So scary >w<

thành bear says:

Ghê vãi chưởng

Carlos Medina Francisco says:

esa niña con quien iso un pacto

Judi O'Regan says:

That is clever shit right there. I normally cannot stand magic acts, but she takes it to a much darker place. Very scary, and utterly brilliant.

Ana Dugarte says:

que mierda tan loca

thehairyhansome says:

She's too high on drugs

Luong Tran says:

I dont like, crazy

Drake Savage says:

I want to play with the girl in the red dress, but nobody ever asks me that question.

Only Me says:

she remind me my ex

Alan Gante says:

Que dijo el broder :v

Caleb Kim says:

Thumbs up if she you got scares the part wan she wrote do you want to play and reply also the part where the doll became to life holly Molly she scared my sin out

Doğukan Payza says:

she is so cute i love her

polipoki y sus hermanos says:

My love coriano jajajaj

Lisyanet Albo says:

Did yu aleat do A In scool

Emily Lawrence says:

ummm she literley gives me shivers down my spine 3 2 1 wait for it AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Acerba a says:

this is creepy and she is amazing. a true actress and all

Darren J.S says:

She looks like Clea Duvall playing Lily Heart in ‘The Newsroom’.

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