Intermittent Fasting for Weight Loss w/ Jason Fung, MD

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Dr. Jason Fung discusses how fasting changed your hormones, enhances fat loss and why it doesn’t lead to muscle loss.

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02:17 History of Fasting: Fasting has been done since the dawn of humanity. Religions prescribe periods of fasting. Ancient Greeks did it for mental clarity. In the last 50 years there has been a strong move against fasting.

03:06 Nothing Wrong with Fasting: Dr. Fung investigated fasting and found that fasting had a great many benefits. Periodic fasting allows your body to burn off fat. Dr. Fung uses it with all of his overweight patients. Blood sugar medications need to be monitored closely once implementing fasting, or blood sugar could go too low.05:25 Hypoglycemia: If you are taking blood sugar meds, you may become hypoglycemic.

09:42 Muscle Loss and Fasting: Starvation mode and muscle loss are two of the many myths. Hypoglycemia is not a big concern unless you are taking blood sugar meds. As you fast, you will consume glycogen.

16:53 Hormones of Fasting: Fasting increases growth hormone. It increases noradrenaline. These are counter regulatory hormones, which counter the effect of insulin. Insulin lowers blood glucose.

22:04 Three Day a Week Fast: Dr. Fung does 24 hour fasts. He skips breakfast and lunch, going from dinner to dinner. This allows him to have dinner with his family.

26:32 Anti-Aging Benefits: Skin is protein, so skin may alter with intermittent fasting. During the process of fasting, you get rid of old cells as part of renovation.

28:44 Autophagy: mTOR is a major regulator of autophagy. Protein turns off autophagy. mTOR is a nutrient sensor, sensing protein.

33:37 Salt and Fasting: One reason why Dr. Fung’s patients use bone broth during a fast is for salt intake.

35:49 Kidney Function:

37:07 Hormone Impacts: The main hormone affected by fasting is insulin.

42:17 Cortisol and Fasting: Cortisol does rise with fasting. It is part of the counter regulatory hormones.

43:14 Noradrenaline: As this hormone rises, you get more energy and you don’t get the basal metabolic rate decrease that you get with caloric restriction. This is the key to weight loss.

48:09 Calories: Calories have nothing to do with weight loss. Fasting is about the time spent not eating. Fasting is about changing your hormones.

49:50 Nutrient Changes in the 1950s: There was little obesity. People ate cookies, white bread and ice cream. You ate within a 10 hour window.

54:51 Bullet Proof Coffee/Fat Fasting: Many of the benefits of fasting come from reducing insulin. Pure fat has almost no insulin effect.

56:26 Ketogenic Diet: Intermittent fasting and ketogenic diet are along the same spectrum, close cousins. The ultra-low carb ketogenic diet lowers insulin. Low carb diet delivers 71% of the insulin lowering of fasting. Many diseases of hyperinsulinemia, obesity and type 2 diabetes, can be treated effectively with a ketogenic diet. Fasting is easy for those of us on a ketogenic or low carb diet because our bodies become well adapted to fat metabolism after the first 2 weeks. Ketones may suppress the appetite.

01:00:39 Dr. Fung’s Morning Routine:

01:03:45 Dr. Fung’s Favorite Nutrient:

01:07:54 Dr. Fung’s Elevator Pitch: We need to teach people about the therapeutic value of fasting. It has the potential to change the entire health system of the world. Most of what we do is treat diabetes, high blood pressure and all of the downstream issues. All of this can be taken care of for free. We need to spread the knowledge of how to do it.


Ken Marriott says:

Fasting is a simple idea but makes sense. We used to wait for meals. Now we go from snack to snack, fast food restaurant to fast food restaurant all day long.

Clayton Weaver says:

If this guy says "right" one more time I'm gonna blow my brains out

steher says:

Finally fasting explained with proof through science and common sense from Dr. who can explain it very well. Thank you for the video! Its really appreciated.

Kenneth mincey says:

At 9:20 he spouts the biggest crap of information ever
….i personally started out last month at 235 and reduced my daily caloric intake with resistance training and weighed in yesterday at 224.8 so, saying caloric deficits dont work is a load of trash. I hope no one falls for this garbage he is spouting….. losing weight comes down to discipline, patience, and motivation….. a caloric deficit, and resistance training, with proper nutrition and alone takes a dump big dump on any specfic fasting or keto diet, in general.

Angelique Cejka says:

Very good interview with a wealth of information, much appreciated.

Kenneth mincey says:

The comment section here is so cancerous, its filled with illegitimate testimonies, and everyone that agrees with this doctor. Well, looks like youtube offers bots, or people to write in comment section to boost traffic this channel its quite sad how many fake accounts were used in the comment section

TrailMonkey says:

Dr Fung makes some idiotic comments… "why do we think cutting calories will make you lose weight". Has he not seen the photos of Jews in Nazi camps? Or starving famine victims who are only eating a few hundred calories a day?

Right Choice Music says:

Can you do a 10 day fast of water, tea, coffee, electrolyte drinks with no sugar, collagen powder drink and do HIIT or Tabata workouts?

oi30 Nadia says:

I eat a meal one day ,don't care about how much calorie i ate,I'm so curious will it work or not.

Chris Cipriani says:

He made me laugh when he talks about fasting giving people anorexia. I've heard that so many times and it is ridiculous.

Alnel Martinez says:

I'm ok my 4th day of water fasting, I'm an overweight 25 year-old and I've started seeing obviously my weight go down, and my blood pressure normalizing. A few other things is, my craving for food has gone down. I'm feeling less hungry now, my urine has a strange property to it, but I'm not going to no. 2 as often. Feeling slightly more focused, but also easily tired

Ian Racoma says:


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