The Secret Science Of Advertising

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Basically, we’re all brainwashed.

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“Ouroboros” by Kevin MacLeod



Weasel Words / WikiMedia Commons

Vintage Ad #1,111: Life in the Fresh Lane

Euphoria – Richmond upon Thames

Bovril Advert: Actress Mary Lawson eats a sandwich in an advert for Bovril.
Hulton Archive / Getty Images

Chris Bosh Unveils Got Milk? Ad
Christopher Polk  / Getty Images

93rd Indianapolis 500 Practice
Jonathan Ferrey/ Getty Images

“Got Milk?” Campaign Launches Cookie-Scented Ads
Justin Sullivan/ Getty Images


Film Footage courtesy of Shutterstock, Inc., Used by Permission

Times Square by Dexter Calleja, Director of Photography

McDonalds Television Ad – c. 1970’s / Jarrod Reid

Samuel L. Jackson Capital One Commercial – Cashback Card / What’s In Your Wallet / New TV Commercials

Newport Cigarette Commercial #4 / Archive Footage

Ideal Doll Commercial #2 / Archive Footage

Monkeys Uncle Toy Commercial / Archive Footage

Labatts Beer Commercial / Archive Footage

Kodak Instamatic Commercial / Archive Footage

With This Ring (1954) / Archive Footage

Help Yourself (1939) / Archive Footage

Television Commercials (1950s-1960s) (ca. 1950s – 1960s) /

Classic Television Commercials (Part VI) (1948) /

[Oakland Oaks Baseball Season Opens] (1918) /

Alcohol and the Human Body (1949) /

Joy Dishwashing Liquid Commercial / Archive Footage


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Aesthetically Basic says:

Nibba my ELA teacher made us watch this

John Callaghan says:

I don't like beer, so whatever commercial you throw at me, I am never going to drink a 'pilsener' beer (Heineken, Jupiler, Budweiser, etc…) I know all the names, but it is just a disgusting brew. I am currently eating a yogurt brand that never had any commercial, ever, nowhere, and I love it, so I keep buying it. I hate red wine, apart from the Italian Lambrusco, which is not a serious wine according to the ones who really know their wines. But their wine, whatever Bourgogne, Château, they promote, to me, is just disgusting. I know their brands, but I am not going to consume those. So, does it work ?! not really. The language is also very annoying, 'discover', 'new', 'best'… too obvious. Tell us something we can't predict about your product, give some interesting features : price, quality features, information, …, that could make commercials more interesting, like in the seventies. Now they just talk like 3 yo children, that's why we have ad blocks. Ads for cars are also quite ridiculous, we park them in traffic jams, and they want to make us think we have 400 mile empty roads ahead of us. Also : who is going to throw away $ 15,000-80,000, based on some ad. These sorts of amounts need much more budgetary consideration. Prejudice is very important in that decision. Mercedes 2000-2005 : don't buy it, it rusts – steel crisis remember? – Volvo : I drive one, 5 cylinder still, wouldn't buy one now though : 4 cylinder 2.0 with 320 hp: recipe for disaster, just like that bunch of three cylinders, 60 000 miles will work, 120,000 not by a long shot. Leasing is an option with the current unreliable cars on the market. That's what they want : no investment, everything reduced to a consumption product. I am waiting for the cardboard car, throw it aside as it has had over 6,000 litres of rain over it.

tara says:

this made me feel emotions

12345 Sixseveneight says:

advertisement works whether you like it or not because at one way or another they will catch you and you will watch it. unless you live in a cave then they wont. i say that because they play a commercial over and over again and at some point you will see that ad and stop and watch it depending on what mood you're in. that will be stored in your subconscious because the brain processes 10000 information per minute. so you put 10 people in a room, all of them from different backgrounds and different moods, the one who is open and happy is the one who will happily watch with an open mind , no problem. even though he will forget about it , it will register subconsciously. same goes with the other 9 people, if one is deep down annoyed he will not relate with the advertisement unless the ad is related to his emotion. but at some point he will be open minded and that commercial will be played somewhere where he will watch it with an open mind and it will register subconsciously. test it out yourself. thats why the make relateble commercials

Babasaheb Tarate says:

Helpful thanks

Try Me says:

This is a good video presentation, but the real brainwashing isn't the subtle message; rather it's the TV program itself that locks in the audience into tuning in again to receive these advertisements.

xmarksthespot says:

I'd advertised here if they put a gun to my head over any other site

Fitsum Abera says:

I just wish they would stop advertising coca all the time. It is like they are trying to wear you down with sheer numbers. Ugh!

Linzy CrYpToN Davis says:

hello this is great

Carol Ballerstedt says:

It's funny that Buzzfeed is posting this. They're basically just one big marketing site. They endorse ideas and products in a way that is very likely to influence young people, without them realizing it.

Audaerin exe says:

Ads have worked on me in a percentage of less than 1%. I know that sounds made up, but i'm dead serious. No matter how hard they try ads just DONT do a thing for me. Every once in a while, with a product i've already had usually, it's like oh yea that sounds nice. But very rarely.

Zaira Ann Cervales says:

Proud that I know this science. Ad student here! 🙂

AdGevity says:

Great video showing the massively psychological element of advertising.

Carl Grimes's Eyepatch says:

2:11 Worst driver ever.

0mazin says:

What's that language advert thing where a girl in a red dress is walking through France and she stops at an outdoor restaurant and says to the waiter 'I wanna bacon butty with loadsa sauce' I think she says something like that anyway

PylotV2Ultra says:


AnimatorMX says:

ads work on me because there so annoying and recurring 

Mihnea Bogdan says:

There ain't no security in Facebok

Nick Peng says:

"Tricks" don't work in today's environment anymore because every advertising agency is using them. Also most successful companies don't rely on such things, since these "insights" are cheap and almost not significant enough to make a change.
People today get bombarded with over 4000 advertising messages a day which are trying to tell you about the brand. But 90% just get blocked out by your brain.
The difference today is, that the customers started wanting to say something about themselves. 
Yes, that no brand running show over there looks ok and is reasonably priced, but only Nike tells everyone else that you are an athlete.
Yes that windows laptop looks and does exactly everything a Macbook would do, but only Apple tells everyone that you understand and appreciate details and intelligent design. 
Yes, there are way better headphones for the same price, but those Beats just tell everyone that music is your life and you love quality.

Relyt110 says:

02:02 All because of celeberties? How sad.

kenneth alcause says:

blue for security. blue for facebook. facebook overrun by hackers…makes sense

Robert Pinto says:

damn it .:(

StupidDoesWhatStupidDo says:

you tryin to tell me BP is fresh and healthy?

Aurelia Lucinus says:

I'm that person who searches things before buying XD

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