How to Write a Your Own Brute Force Script with Python

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NOTE: This used to work flawlessly with GMail because at the time Google didn’t have rate limiting on their TLS port; however, after I initially released this script Google updated their security. The method, though, is still valuable in the logic on how to write a Python script.


Mahdi Massarewa says:

Dude, You are rock!!!!
Good job.
Liked and subscribed ✌

KevinDZ says:

Give Me The Link to download it

Assad Afghan says:

Is there anyway to do this with a social media website? or is it mainly just email bruteforcing?

TheEditer says:

Is there a way – where i can pm you?

kresten Sckerl says:

Am I the only one who thinks the name script kiddie is misleading it should have been copy kid or something along those lines.


how to create wordlist ?

Cyborg Flaming Turtle says:

I just want to create a program that once you give it a password, it analyzes it and then displays the attempts to get the password guessed and the time it took to get the password. Can anyone provide a sample script or help me? If you do give me a script to use, I will properly cite and give full credit to you. Can anyone help please? Thanks in advance.

TeknoSwift says:

do you be cool if you use linux?

NihkzMods says:

Can u make more videos like this with bash and python etc

Caleb Britannia says:

Hey I am new to Python and came here to get an idea of how an advanced program starts to look rather then a while statement that prints numbers 1 to 10, when I create an input I would do variable=input("Input Variable ") what's the difference between that and raw input?

Ryan Donkereman says:

My true compliments for answering all those comments with the same questions 😉

Mystery ! says:

what version of python u use please?

Dirty Sprite says:

I did this so I could find the login for the staff portal at my school. Didn't work. Turns out what did is me walking into the teachers office and installing a RAT on her PC. I had to sort of make friends with her first before she trusted me alone in her office.

Social engineering was so much easier.

E K says:

Hi Don, I love your vids but most methods in your videos are outdated or patched. I will really appreciate it if you would be able to put 'patched' or something in the video title so we know from the get go, thanks. EDIT: Sorry I didn't notice you explained it in the description

Drevon Tv says:

How did u save it

Nick Porta says:

im trying to hack my dad Instagram as a joke but he has a comcast email should i just put instead of and how do i run the script it keeps saying i need parenthesis around "print" what does that mean

PlagueDoctor says:

how to do this everything with windows?

Mickel Reset says:

Don Does 30 i just want to tell you that you're perfect in this . good job man.
I really loved this..
And also you're good in teaching programing language .

Mark Johnny says:

What if i wanna bruteforce random email lists(Not Gmail, Yahoomail, or hotmail) using a password list..How do i go about it?

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