How Much Does It Cost to Develop an App?

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There are a lot of stages in the start-ups. We understand that the development stage is not the most important, however, you need to know the total budget to plan your spending and for receiving the funds for your project and customers always wonder how much it will cost to make an app. The price of the development depends on a lot of different things: the mobile platform, the features list, development rate, and services that are charged to the company.

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Brain game says:

"In specific asia region like south korea, for example It is equal price or more expensive. Because the quality is better." –

William James Rapp says:

You have Gorgramming & coding and you have Wireframing and mock up and design —

If you add up all of the hours you are talking about you are talking thousands of hours — BULL SHIT It does not take 1000+ hours to build an app.

Lor Vang says:

Anybody know who do app for cheaper let me know i want to builds 1 please let me know

Travis Gubler says:

So I see you use a good looking girl on a thumbnail to trick people into watching your video and never use her in the video. Lame

Himanshu Tyagi says:

Use this app development cost calculator to find the price of any app:

RIPxBlackHawk says:

So you can get a full website for 5k to 10k to run a successful business but those coders require 50k for basic features on an app? Aahh are you sure about that?

alb12345672 says:

On sites like upwork or freelancer people get apps like UBER done for $800, even less. I've done a few and that is a fair price.

Abstract Focus says:


Jacob says:

This guy has a face for radio

M Games says:

Bro, what are you basing this sht off of…

– Firstly, To be straight forward, it costs $25 if you're planning to develop & publish an Android app on the Play Store and it costs $100 to publish an iOS app on the App Store.
Use Android Studio & practice Javascript to create Android apps and use Xcode & practice Objective-C or Swift to create iOS Apps. Your estimates come from people who are older and are working in teams. It takes me 5 minutes to incorporate an in-app purchase feature using a framework that's built in the editor not 40+ hours.

"A customized visual design = 170+ hours"
-WHAT THE F*** Use Photoshop or Sketch to create the design and implement it into your app. That takes me at most 3~4 hours for the whole process.

"Third Party API's demand an extra 50+ hours"
– YA'LL SOME SLOW DEVELOPERS! At most, I'd give it 5~6 hours and that's on something like Firebase or a heavy implementation API.

"Basic Controls need about 20 hours."
Man what slow ass editor are you using that requires you 20 hours to implement some basic controls.

"Administration Panel is 100+ hours"
FIREBASE FIREBASE FIREBASE. It don't take 100+ hours. And even if you were to set up your custom servers, that'd be around 10 hours.

"Does the saying you get what you pay for apply to app development.."
HELL NO. You could be 10 and create a killer app… It's always all about the product.

– Everything else, I'll agree with you lol

AliReza Time 2 says:

He says bulshit I one creat his own app how can it cost that much money?

joey vega says:

would you make my great idea happen ?

Suresh Kumar says:

dafuck you are saying…….
how can it cost for programming and koding………

catalina grigorasi says:

Are you working with app developers?

Here are the questions you should be asking any agency
before you spend money on them:

Luis Diaz says:

So the price for developing an app…. "It depends".


if I would say, this video changed my way of operation, that wont be wrong….Thanks

Jorge Jr says:

Very good article. I also came across another interesting article written by an app development agency around this topic. It gives a good idea of how much it would cost to build an app through a service provider:

Cleveroad — Web and Mobile App Development says:

If you would like to find out more details concerning the app pricing you can read our article:

Paul Velasquez says:

hi, i am thinking on having a website along with a app build for me, would it be cheaper to look for a freelancers to do the work instead of a company website builder? i thank you! for your time and appreciate the information

Steve Hoop says:

hey just a quick question how much would it cost to create a simple app (game) where all you do is tap the screen to stay off the ground while going through holes. Please reply to this if you can and reply with a rough number (doesn't have to be exact)

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