4 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Logo Design

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Mr. Lonely says:

Is doing free work fine for when youre like a student and starting up? I'm 16 and an aspiring graphic designer and I've done 2 projects for free now….opinions?

Edgar Canja says:

Really motivative. Thanks!

Aussie Designs says:

I can't Just compare my self to somone else! no one is like me

Ruben van der Zee says:

I hot a question, how old were you when you started?

Silver Shine says:

when I was at grafic school, most teachers told me that theres no place any more in the wolrd for creative designers, that it isnt worth it amymore to be a Freelancer…..

The funny thing is that I know a lot of people that do freelance and create there own thing, and they can make a pretty good living of it.

So DONT let anybody tell you( regardless of the position) that there is no place for your ideas.!!!

mindovermatter powerofthree says:

What do you think of the SKETCH APP for doing logos


How much for a logo design

william gupton says:

Good advices

techraj says:

Excellent logo design tutorial. I like it. Now i make this logo easily . Thanks dear .
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Screaminghearts says:

good luck to me.

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