My Intermittent Fasting Transformation My Tips for Weight Loss Success

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Sharing my personal results from Intermittent Fasting. How to start and what the heck is intermittent fasting? How to do it successfully and feel great, look good and stay happy.
My thumbnail photo on the left was taken this year in April. After having some surgeries, being on antibiotics and competing in a competition I had gained more weight than I lost and found myself unhealthy and unhappy. I was eating small meals all day, having a of fruits and lean meats. I wanted to share my take and tips on how to begin and have a successful intermittent fasting journey.

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Essentially4u says:

This was really helpful until you said it was ok to drink diet soda? The number one worst thing you can put in your body…

mocha and chocolate says:

Too long winded- sorry

Jim says:

there are a million videos on what it is.  how about you just share what it did for you?

Janet Burns says:

I'm doing intermittent fasting. Would love to know what you are eating.

412mystic says:

I've been craving(emotional eating) snacks late at night. Help if you can. Thanks!

K Schoonover says:

It helps me to think of food as fuel. Be a use you are fueling your body for a healthy happy life!! You wouldn't put bad fuel in your car…certainly you shouldn't put bad food in your body. Try it…it really helps.

meya ham says:

This and strictly raw juicing will be very beneficial two things I'm going to do . Thanks for tips

Jeanne Tang says:

Do u still drink water when u fast??

Macie Marie says:

I didn’t know this was a thing. I’ve always done this my whole life because it’s just how I felt like eating. I was never hungry in the morning so I ate later and more at night

lulu says:

Can I drink lemon water during the intermitent fasting? I used to drink it first thing when I woke up

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