60lbs Weight Loss in 5months intermittent fasting+Tips for EXTREME weight loss

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Jerry C says:

Great info for the people K.

Jerry C says:

Yes Kisha, its an ancient environment behavior. Allows our bodies to assimilate all macronutrients before the next meal. You've tapped into our natural mechanisms. Allows the gut to cleanse itself while we consume enough water during fasting hours.

Explosive Workout With TimaMac Join The Movement says:

Wow this is awesome..Proud of you..you look great.
I have subscribe to your channel. Hope you subscribe back

ranz saguiped says:

I.F can cure also type 2 diabetes

Ehmong Paulino says:

Thanks a lot for this video!

marie möller says:

thank you beautiful !!!!

wwnnn16 says:

Girl, these commenters think they're God himself. NOT EVERYTHING works for everybody. Why would a person eat a set scheduled 3 meals a day if you're not hungry! If I'm not hungry, I'm not eating. And you can still eat 3 meals a day with intermittent fasting. I swear, people be for real real-life struggling!

Sandra Lee says:

I love u. Ur voice is so soothing. Im watching u in class and ill probably fail this class but its ok. This video is so worth watching. ♥️

Leslie Moskowitz says:

Thank you for the info.. and don't let your viewers to harass you into rushing thru your thoughrs.. this is good stuff

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