BBC Documentary 2017 – Medical Cannabis: The Wonder Weed – 2017 Full Documentary

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BMWO says:

Cannabis = nature's best medicine!

kijkedwin says:

CBD breaks down to THC in stomach acid

Lisa Trombly says:

Massgrowstv ❤'s!

Ola Lødding says:

I have Adhd and i think marijuana could help

Ruben Strating says:

The lady on the end is fucking wise.

Whinhall Yobbos says:

Free weed decriminalise it not legalise

Whinhall Yobbos says:

99.9% of drug convictions are cannabis the war on drugs have failed one% of drug convictions is all other drugs

Whinhall Yobbos says:

Scotland need to get the finger out and get weed decriminalized

Whinhall Yobbos says:

It's about 70% of Brits are smoking or have smoked and they still teach reffer madness in the schools weed kills brain cells my arse

belinda ashly says:

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lishpishy says:

this testing animals is fuckin bullshit

Mr. Plant-Eater says:

Greetings from California, this doc is full of shit and lies. "Street Weed" has CBD. If it wasnt for the black market and breeders there wouldnt be high THC/CBD available. Gov is trying to make it seem like theirs is the safest and finest hence the word "street weed".

S T A T I C says:

I'm high asf rn tho

JR Mathes says:

We were lied to by the American Government and we're still being lied to by the Australian government them shit stains talk a lot about what their doing and their doing fuck all..the only problem with weed is the Government

Kody Lee says:

Hemp has dropped my tics down to a little bit of tapping, no more than being bored. Yeah, tell ME it has no benefits.

Fredrik Johansson says:

nothing can beat a natural production system like the real cannabis plant and the 80-90+ cannabinoids it produces, not to mention all the terps and aromatic oils. they know about the entourage effect and synergic effects but they seem to forget that part.

MsMuddled says:

Good documentary, but it doesn't look like it's made by British Broadcasting Corp.

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