iDubbbz Terminated, #ElsaGate & YouTube Trending

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Sorry for the Drama Alert title, but this is a huge issue right now. iDubbbz lost the iDubbbz YouTube channel today as well as Keemstar and others all amongst Advertisers pulling out due to #ElsaGate

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BarbeauKirby says:

You should do a collab with JaackMaate

Pyroastic says:


Matthew Pollitt says:

Why's this only being addressed now? This ElsaGate stuff has been going on for like 2 years.

Scooter Brad says:

Drama Alert – Deleted for reposting peoples shit content, rather than Youtube deleting the shit content.

How do i put the cheese in the oven? says:

Youtube rewind 2017: Everyone gets terminated besides the kids channels

ᗯᕼᗩT Iᔕ ᗰY ᒪIᖴE. E᙭E says:

Ian be back now yeet

Eric Marshall says:

I can see all these channels

Toasty McGee says:

The U.S trending page is a fucking clusterfuck of sponsorship, capitalist waste of space. At least Australia's isn't as cancerous.
Those toy channels and elsa channels are fucking awful – what is with the obsession with Elsa, Spiderman and needles?

PremiumCommunist says:

So YouTube hardly does shit about pedophile sexual Elsa and Spider-Man toy channels and they demonetize the absolute fuck out of everyone else

M3OW says:

I'm confused , i can see the channels. What the hell is going on.

Ander Kidley says:

Oh fuck ofd you gave me a frighten with that title

Nation Decay says:

How is it that nobody knew it was lizard squad who took it down

Dank Frank says:

Everyone said I was stupid when i said children's channels were run by pedophiles. But look at it now.

John Space Marine says:

I'm going to kill you for that intro.

Lukan Spellweaver says:

It seriously sounded like you said "fuck you guys for watching" hah

fredy BoxNZ says:

did i see a single frame of 20% of merch

Raul Portillo says:

Ok Go being in trending is great

NieGramBezWedki says:

I actually saw my 5 year old sister watch that shit lol

Sam Southall says:

Hi Alexx, could you make a video on the whole Jack Maynard situation, but also mention JaackMates pandering reply to Jacks Apology.

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