Boston Celtics vs Charlotte Hornets 1st Qtr Highlights / Week 4 / 2017 NBA Season

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Boston Celtics vs Charlotte Hornets 1st Qtr Highlights / Week 4 / 2017 NBA Season

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Midnight Gaming says:

Legendary Masked Kyrie unlocked for 100,000.000 VC 2K18 confirmed

t j says:

fuck up with important injuries

lil herb says:

0:31 what u came here for can I get a MVP chant

Buzz 19 says:

I really felt bad about Kyrie. Why do these clumsy shitty centers always causes trouble. First Zaza injured KD and now Baynes injures Kyrie. And the saddest thing of all, they both injured their Star players.

Brandon Ninja says:

He did that on purpose. NBA should look into this.

Han Hattori Hanzo says:

Breaks Kyrie’s nose with his elbow
Next play, complains about getting an elbow in the chest

José Francisco says:

AAAAAAND the streak is gone,

GhostyAttacks says:

The Celtics have some bad luck

Rob Kennedy says:

Every time I hear this Boston announcer on nba tv or whatever I have to mute it. He is awful. So incredibly biased to a fault. Always whining and complaining. And even makes fun of other teams players. It’s absolutely cringeworthy to the extreme.

PJ Tagle says:

that bigass baynes!

Jared Lewis says:

Celtics ain’t shit without kyrie.

Stanford Valentine says:

I hope Irving nose nuh bruk.

jchazy garcia says:

BAYNES and others didn't even cared? F*ck!!

Nivaldo Junior says:

Face mask kyrie: the return

Eson Woolfolk says:

If Kylie Comes back into the game with a mask it's over

Raider TEO says:

Boston is gonna lose caz kyrie is injured i hope kyrie comes back to play

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