How I Got a Job at Google as a Software Engineer (without a Computer Science Degree!)

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Here are the 6 steps I personally used for getting a job at Google as a software engineer (without a computer science degree).

Resources for software engineer interviews:
– Cracking the Coding Interview:
– Leetcode:
– Also my course on Udemy, 11 Essential Coding Interview Questions:


Ken Hibino says:

Hey Yosuke, Thanks for this! I'm going through a similar process that you described in the video rn. This was super encouraging. Keep up a great work dude! P.S. I'm from Japan too, and a software engineer working in SF 🙂

rajat sharma says:

If someone is not from coding background and he wants to learn coding, from where he can start??

sri santhosh natarajan says:

How can we apply or in which links we want to apply interships at google?

Siemen Liu says:

very good advice, thanks

Kenn Tollens says:

Lot of work to get a job uk

Kevin Chen says:

subscribed for the support!

Guillermo Muñiz Cadena says:

Awesome! so, you learned watching MIT classes?

Ronaldo Kme says:

Are u a Japanese?

Carsen Busette says:

Awesome video. Thanks for your steps and the encouragement ☺

David Porter says:

step 7, make sure you have a stats degree from an ivy league school.

Leandro Moreira says:

You should do a video about how to build a good resume (software eng resumes).. Because without a good resume, we will never get an interview… 🙂

Kai Ken says:

Hey CS Dojo, I’m a mere layman who would like to learn software development and coding. Is there any beginning coding languages you’d recommend to start with? What would you say is a good umbrella “universal” language? The only one I’m (very slightly) familiar with is Swift app programming. Thank you!

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