Robotic Limbs | Science and Star Wars

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On this episode of Science and Star Wars we explore how real robotic limbs are helping people here on Earth. Paid for by IBM.

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Mr Derp says:

Plesea guys…translate this for portuguese

DivergentRadio // NMSSL says:

On this day in STAR WARS:
Fri, November 5, 2004 – The first Episode III teaser trailer is released.

Kaleesh Matriarch says:

Science and Star Wars is such a FUN show! Robotic limbs are totally the world's next generation for providing compelling opportunities to the sick and disabled.

jmw23 says:

Fascinating. It seems like most modern prosthesis work by muscle contraction. That enables someone without a limb to pick up and put down an object, but it's far from the natural way Luke's hand replacement behaved in the the Star Wars movies. I'm interested to see how far along researchers are with actual fully-functional replacement limbs.

Brayan Young Plug says:

If i ever loose a limb, id rather just completely die.

StarForce Theory says:


Jif says:

If I had a robotic limb, I wouldn't want it to look like a human arm, I would like it to look like a terminator arm, then I could have some fun with the public

Keirzgaming says:

On battle front 2 there should be infected on order 66 so there is darts Vader and everyone else is a Jedi and try to survive if they die they should become a clone and if u escape u win

Jamie Taylor says:

So cool. I can't believe people gave this a thumbs down!

pata holis says:

Hi hi hi hi hi

Aarni Järveläinen says:

Watson is Purple Sheep!

Ezra Lashlee says:

Without a robotic limb luke would have been stuck in kardees base.

O wait……………

RedJ3di says:

This is so AWESOME!!!!!  The technology is advancing so fast it can be hard to keep up with it.  So many applications for so many people.  Thank you Anthony Carboni for the series.  Keep up the good work sir!

Dj Minecart says:

creepy, but cool.

inJUSTice 00 says:

Anthony wears a german T-Shirt, very nice 🙂 Greetings from Germany

Brandon Bowers says:

To be honest, this is from "The Six Million Dollar Man" television show than of Star Wars.

Logan Conner says:

Did you hear that? They've shut down
the main reactor. We'll be destroyed
for sure. This is madness!

Rebel troopers rush to take up positions in
the main passageway. They aim their weapons toward the door.
The door opens to reveal the droids.

Random Rebel Soldier
Open Fire!

We're doomed!

googleglitcher says:

i'd rather not like to need one, but those are real helpers.

Satine Kryze says:

BRING BACK STAR WARS THE CLONE WARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Jefff says:

Ref: 3:30 Can you do a Jedi mind trick or force choke someone with that hand?

Floppin says:

How the hell does Watson work? Is he fake? Is it all scripted?

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