How to Trade Options: A Beginners Introduction to Trading Stock Options by

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An introduction to Stock Options trading. This webinar is intended to give Beginners an introduction to options trading and basic education information.

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tawkinhedz says:

Thanks for your time! Very informative and excited to start practicing. If you could briefly run over some of the techs about why exponential closing on the 200 and 100 sma are important during the video it wold make the trade a little more understandable. I get theres support and deduced the candlesticks were about to fall beneath the emas after they hit. I think everyone can benefit from a really simple quip from your perspective about what they mean.

Catherine King says:

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Kathy Carr says:

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Marquis Perry says:

ok i now it a good video but zoom in hard to see

Ella Myrick says:

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Simmie says:

your style is lovely, Dan

Monica Holmes says:

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ahmed muhamed says:

So if i have 5000$ in my account and i trade 5 of 1000$/ options position , then i cant trade more than 5 times that day? Or that only applies in cash accounts?

Blame The Crypto BTC says:

Very good video TCG….I have tutorials on my channel

slidenerd says:

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oh man says:

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Jake Shepard says:

I've been watching several videos trying to wrap my head around options. Maybe it just finally clicked, but also you did a very nice job explaining it. You got me very excited to start paper trading with TOS Monday morning. How do I get on chat to get notified when big money goes into an option with that TraderJesus guy?

puff3pass1 says:

This is not a beginner video. You are talking waaaaay over people's heads with stock lingo and painful eye charts or application graphics that would make Einstein's head hurt. As an example, try viewing your tutorial on a smart phone. Its bad even on a Note. You should really consider retitling this to an intermediate "you had better have been trading regular stocks a long time before viewing this" video.

Ron Kalra says:

HI, if i'm trading Options, can i fully depend on ichimoku indications on the options chart or is it important for me to look and make the decisions based on the Underlying Asset chart. For example :- If we have a Kimo Breakout on the option's Chart can i trade or should i check if the underlying asset chart has a kumo breakout too.Thank you

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