10 Real Life ROBOT Humans You Won’t Believe Exist

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top 10 real life robots that look like actual people
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Once thought to be nothing but science fiction, robots were for TV and movies, not real life. But as technology advances, more and more science fiction is making into our daily lives. There are even some people are fearful of how advanced technology and robots are becoming. In fact, a recent study by the British Science Association revealed that one in three people are concerned that the rise in AI could pose a serious threat to humanity, similar to the events portrayed in ‘Terminator’. Even more are concerned that when robots become mainstream, they will replace humans and fewer jobs will be available. Even physicist Stephen Hawking has his worries. While Skynet may be decades or centuries away yet, robots are improving every day and becoming more lifelike. And the more lifelike they become, they creepier they appear.
In this day and age, technology is making leaps and bounds every day. What was once believed to be science fiction is now reality and robots are becoming more advanced. With these advancements however, robots are becoming much creepier and much more human. Here are some of the most realistic robots out there today.

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Ola Williams says:

plus why would you make a robot for your playmate? That's not Godly.

Miguel Castaneda says:


themosthigh God says:

LMAO@saying she would destroy humans.

theflashgamer 85 says:

Time to get the minigun.

Voltaire Lerias says:

Holy Dog Shit !

Glenn A. says:

"I'll be back!"

Glenn A. says:


robthenorm says:

5:20 so who wants more meth ?!!!

antione richardson says:

wft she will destroy humans o.o gtfo here o.o creepy asf

Jayson Garzon says:

Suddenly Android 17 & 18 appeared …

Donald Keating says:

so can the Scarlett Johansson bot programed to do…. "service"?

Dwight Moreland says:

scrap any intelligence with the word kill humans

Nathan Webb says:

i can make an EMP strong enough to destroy car ECUs, computers, cellphones, ect in my garage its nit very hard so im not afraid of any robots coming my way and if the EMP fails a slug wont

Donna Little says:

This is a SICK agenda and evil will love it if it can attach to dolls spirits will have fun …Annabelle human form..

TheMemeGenerator says:

I feel fantastic 🙂

306 CHAMPION says:

"ACTROID", Now there is a former prime minister of ours, shit she had a lot of flaws.

Rey Vinicio says:

Well if we get passed all of today's bullshit ;let's welcome our new enemies.I'm dam sure these ppl are making sure there all weather proof.I know I would if I spent a shit load on this.

Adam Jones says:

Video exists so we dont have to look at still images….

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