INTERIOR DESIGN SCHOOL | Applying, Portfolios, Etc

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Interested in design school? Want to know what it’s like / what to expect?

Let me share my experience in Interior Design school with you, and help answer some questions you might have!




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Shawna Paterson says:

I created a video answering some FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ABOUT INTERIOR DESIGN, check it out here:

emmag101201 says:

this was such a great video, very informative – thanks!!

Shubham Singh Sawai says:

Great vid Shawna! Please help me with some info regarding the best interior design school(s) in Canada. Wish to pursue my Masters in ID in 2020.

Flight Of Spice Blog says:

Our surroundings can change our day. Design is so important! I always talk about it on my blog.

cortiz says:

I don't know why i'm watching this because I am way past all of this, I'm in my fourth and final year haha but thanks for clearly explaining the MAJOR difference.

a fellow canadian ba interior design student 🙂
p.s your program curriculum sounds just like mine! (im in vancouver)

C __M says:

What if I'm actually really good at interior decorating, but suck at math? Should I think about doing something else?

Me Me says:

I'm not someone who usually comments on YouTube videos, but I have to tell you how unbelievably relatable you story is!! I'm currently a grade 12 high school student and I have the same issue you had then. I LOOOOOVE fashion so much I was originally considering studying it, but I also love interior design. I was so confused on what to do, which one am I willing to sacrifice for the other. And as you did, I want to take up fashion design as my hobby and interior design as my career, since as I'm sure you know, you can't be a very reliable interior designer in a company without a degree, whereas in fashion you could be a self taught and blow people's minds. I just wanted to tell you that you have no idea how relieved and mindset you made me feel. Thank youu

Linh Le says:

This video is so helpful! Love it!
Just a small question tho: I'm now in the last year of high school and I intend to apply to a interior design school ( I'm in Canada now ) however i didn't take any art class at school , is that a problem?

pooja sonavane says:

I want to know what is good to do in interior degree or diploma?? I am from India n planning to get a degree from der is it useful?? Or should I apply for masters ??

Taryn Patricia says:

I am only 13 but when I grow up I want to be an interior designer

Carina Oliveira says:

I love this video for a broad perspective with some pretty important details. Also I find some of the most creative people, talk with their hands and I love how you do so!

Emily L says:

I want to be a decorator how do I do that? Haha

shivani patel says:

Hi…im graduating this year…so i need help on what type of specific drawing I should have and what type photograph is required in a portfolio….it will be a great if you help me out.

ZooZy WoOzy says:

the country I live in doesn't have any colleges that are accredited by CIDA (council of interior designers association)do you think getting a degree that is not accredited by CIDA would be problematic in terms of getting a job?

MehRnoOsh says:

Dear would you write down name of the softwares which are used in interior design?

Natalie Dudus says:

I liked your video so much.. I am studying the 3rd year of Architecture and Urbanism, I got a full scolarship for it. Now, as you described the Interior Design course, I can see that it is not that different from archit.. How long is your course? I mean how many years do you have to study Interior Design? My course has five years of studying. Thanks. 🙂

Sidi Soueina says:

Hello. My wife has produced some interesting designs for shops. I think its quite impressive and am trying convince her to learn interior design. She is in Africa. Do you have any specific recommedations?

arpita bread says:

can u make a video on how to prepare for interior design because I'm 13 years old and I really wanna prepare for interior design.

MC Plana says:

What should I do if I just graduated high school and became interested in Interior Design? I already made a decision to attend a community college

roshni subedi says:

I am from Nepal . I want to read interior design .so i want good college so plz help me…..

Golden HT says:

Is it easy to get a job after all your learning and training??

Miss 1510 says:

Hi i am applying for btec art design and photography to pursue into interior deaign but i never took up art at school. I am a mature student and i was just wanting a little help to what i could do for my portfolio as i decor and reupholster etc and also am creative in home decor . Would pictures and swatches help and also of me completing or in process of decor pictures help. Help please ☺️

Benji Zhou says:

I'm a grade 12 students, I know that math and physics are not my strong strength, and I do like using computer as my tools, I took grade 10 wood working and drafting, after all I really like that. Nowadays lots of my friends are talking about going to study for business, but I know that math is not my strength. But I do like to design:-) so wish me all good luck:-)

james fx says:

Hello, is there anything like 2 years?

kakuella says:

I have a quick question about your experience in real field. I have a fine art degree but wish to get into interior design. Do I have to take additional courses/degree/certification to get into interior design field or can I just jump in and learn from real world?

Sultana Ahmed says:

you certainly seem happy about ur choice, like being in the 3rd year u seem like u really love what ur doing n no regrets! m very passionate about this field too!

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