5 Foods to Eat While Going Through Chemo | Breast Cancer

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In this video, I talk about 5 foods to eat while you are going through chemo, for breast cancer, when your taste is off and everything tastes disgusting! Let me know what you think by commenting below!

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Tracy Allen says:

Girl… I'm with you on the Jell-O! LOL! I put that on my shopping list for today. I think that it is the texture and that it's something really easy to deal with. Also ice cream. Hopefully your taste buds have been totally restored by now. Congratulations on getting through this journey!

pac man says:

thank you so much for this video it is very helpful for my mother in law she is doing chemo and having trouble with apatite

Grey Allyson says:

This is very helpful! Trying to help my mother-in-law with cancer. She had her first low dose chemo last week and she hasn't been eating and drinking much lately. I will cook some chicken noodle soup for her and see if she likes it. We bought her Boost Drink but she won't drink it. She said it tastes bad.

Danielle Tremblay says:

Great vlog! You are going to help so many people! I'm so proud of you!

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