Putin: Russia Will Ban Western “Fake News” If West Ban Russian Media

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Vladimir Putin: First, about the situation around our information resources, such as Russia Today and Sputnik. Their capacity cannot compare with what our colleagues have in the US, in Europe; they simply cannot compare. We do not have so-called global media, mass media with global reach. This is the monopoly of the Anglo-Saxon world, primarily the United States.

Indeed, we have been told all along that it is absurd and even undemocratic to pressure any lawfully functioning media outlets, to close or persecute them, to exert pressure on journalists. There is only one democratic way to fight things one does not like, for both the authorities and the opposition: to express your opinion, but to express it so vividly, colourfully and brilliantly that people would believe you and accept your point of view, follow you and stand by you and support your position. All the rest is undemocratic.

What we see happening around our media now – I repeat, they are far less powerful than the US or British media – I simply do not know how to describe this. “Confusion” is too mild. They have turned everything upside down.

Regarding interference or non-interference: everyone knows, the whole world knows what the British or American media do. They directly and constantly influence internal political processes in almost all countries. How else are we to interpret what the media do, especially those outlets that work in, say, the political segment of the media?

They do influence things, of course, by expressing a certain point of view – in this case, we are talking about Russia’s point of view. And even so, they do not always take Russia’s point of view. I cannot monitor them all the time, but sometimes I see what Russia Today broadcasts. Its team includes journalists from various countries: Americans, and British, I believe, and Germans, too. They do excellent work. Really talented people. I sometimes marvel at the courage and talent they possess to lay everything out so clearly, precisely and fearlessly – my hat is off to them. Apparently, this is the key to Russia Today and Sputnik’s success, but it is also what they are hated for; anyway, it has nothing to do with democracy.

Now about “turning the other cheek.” I have already spoken about our nuclear facilities. It would seem we have disclosed everything we have, there is nowhere else to search, so we expected our American partners to do the same, well, at least to show some consideration for our interests, so that we would be full-fledged partners. As you can see, this is not the case, and even the opposite is true: as soon as they realised that our nuclear sector needs additional investment and modernisation, that our missile technology is growing obsolete, that there are other problems – aha, who would consider a weak partner? No one even talks to them or considers their interests anymore.

Therefore, in this case, all we can do is mirror their actions and rather quickly at that. As soon as we see any moves that limit the activities of our media in any way, a proportionate response will follow.
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truth cant be hide haha says:

2 dislikes probably FOX and CNN

Cisco Kid says:

Poor poor little rushniks I told you repeatedly to not play with Barrack and Hillary well hey Vladichka pelon grab your ankles again but keep smiling that’s a good kickstart rookie

Paul Maritz says:

How The Media Fakes The News: https://youtu.be/lUiAfU92DPg

Exception Handler says:

kindly speed up settlement with him

Paul Maritz says:

Ban all Jewish owned and controlled media. Problem solved.

Anton Eitsah says:

Whos the old guy wearing the green stripey curtain? He's always on RT these days. Is he Putin's dad?

Hef The Heretic says:

They can't ban you off of Youtube! 🙂

Ah Zab says:

CNN = Cunnilingus News Network FOX= Funny Obnoxious Xrated News BBC= Big Bastards Corporation AJE= Arab Jerks Enterprise All owned by the Khazarian Mafia Networks, so best change the Channel Folks or High Risk of severe Irreversible Brain Damaged reducing IQ level to a douche bag.. thumbs up RT sensible news.!!

Rami G says:

the western countries leaders are responsible for what's to come on them and the world…
Because They know that Russia won't step aside and watch them destroy its alies one by one
Not any more

ChengYee Sum says:

weelie there are too much fake and junk news :/

Steven Mayer says:

Eye for an eye.

Waldemar Lieber 2 says:

Damn. Ask the fucking question instead of talking

Drukalovisck says:

Let's stop being hypocritical and speak the truth, no media is currently only meant to inform, there is an ideological war present and the media plays a big part of it, the internet as well. RT, CNN, BBC all media do their job to REPORT and PROMOTE THE IDEOLOGY of their REGIME, what really matters is what media represents the best ideology for humanity, and no doubt the Russian media is playing a fudamental role because the media of Russia represents the country that fights against Anglo-American imperialism and Zionist neoliberal power.

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that the internet is being a tool of war in the 21st century, he said this on the internet imagine the media that makes total part of society currently …

The media is at the forefront of the propaganda war, the change of social thinking (9-11), ISIS, "moderate rebels."

Just imagine 9/11 without the media to emphasize 24 hours a day that had a "terrorist attack" and that should be declared a war on terror …

Just remember the Russian referendum in the Crimea in 2014.
Western Media: Invasion.
Russian media: Referendum.

Carole Davis says:

Wish Trump was able able to ban the fake news too.

But this is the double edged sword of free speech.

However, the propaganda mouthpieces are revealed they no longer have secrecy as their shield … if the election of Trump does nothing else, the globalist propaganda mouthpieces were exposed.

'RT America' at times seems like a globalist propaganda outlet….

'RT' does not appear to have succumbed to this.

The corruption of Western media, appears to me to have began in the early 90s… (it may have been earlier, but the point us, it happened), with the beginning of the globalist manufactured wars in the Mid. East.

But it happened secretly and slowly…

Wish Trump could just round them all up… but he has to avoid feeding the domestic and globalist enemy propaganda machine, and being painted as a tyrant – so it will take time.

Abdurakhmon Kaiumov says:

What Jack Ma is doing there ?

Александр А says:

The question to people who positively reply to this video: is the anyone watch RT instead of CNN?

Comrade_ Savage15 says:

Kick that Yankee Bullshit Media out of Russia

dimitris agelis says:

Of course the people knows that CNN,NBC,ABCDE….YZ ''News'',is ALL lies or bullshit.But the Media is ABOVE the President in these countries,how can they loose such power,from an different view of ONLY THEIR''TRUE''News and videos!They shows something-and RT,YOU,Sputnik,etc-is showing''what really hapenned''!People started to have a choice(at last)-but they don't like it at all and will not''give up''this power easy…Ban the bastards to.All of them!

Poes Law says:

I live in US and I want fake news to be banned here. Or at least if it's an outright lie to have punishments.

Lex Buren says:

fully agree with putin

William Miller says:


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