11 Types of Advertising

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Different Types of Advertising


Patel Vidhu says:

I like to use friendship and humour in ads.

Grace Notarstefano says:

We just watched in school today for a project. My teacher turned it off at sex appeal. Lol

Information about where to advertise online says:

{Thank you for this video}

serpentscientist says:

O, so this is how they subconsciously control us.

Peter Stelzer says:

it helped me very muchos

Linzy CrYpToN Davis says:

hello this is great

Gregorio Manetti says:

and than there is ADSTIVISM

greenbottle500 says:

Thank you, I love it, just beware of illuminati symbolism logo at 5:32 and 5:35

維多 says:

I like most of them. it helps me to have some observations for my class, merci beaucoup.

Cyrus Wanjau says:

Which type of advertisements.

Daniel Alonzo says:

great video, Dominic 

kiky anwar says:

interesting video regarding with ads.

Joshua Roberson says:

Advertising becomes appealing to people and consumers because it stirs human emotions. The feelings of joy, fulfillment, and empathy get us to buy into these products.

Alfonso Garzia says:

Blurb t's not the same as advertising ….

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