World’s First NUCLEAR SALT REACTOR – Documentary Films

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World’s First NUCLEAR SALT REACTOR – Documentary Films

A liquified salt activator (MSR) is a class of nuclear fission activators where the primary coolant, or also the energy itself, is a liquified salt mix. MSRs perform at higher temperature levels than water-cooled reactors for greater thermodynamic savings, while staying at low vapor tension.

In many designs the nuclear energy is dissolved in the molten fluoride salt coolant as uranium tetrafluoride (UF4). Solid energy designs rely on ceramic energy dispersed in a graphite matrix, regarding the molten salt providing low stress, high temperature level air conditioning.

The early Aircraft Reactor Experiment (1954) was primarily motivated by the tiny dimension that the style might offer, while the Molten-Salt Reactor Experiment (1965– 1969) was a prototype for a thorium gas cycle breeder activator nuclear power plant. Among the Generation IV reactor designs is a molten-salt-cooled, molten-salt-fuelled reactor; the initial reference design is 1000 MWe.

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Sven Lima says:

I watched 13 minutes of this video and I still don't know what a "nuclear salt reactor" is or how it works. The salt need to be heated. How?

roy boese says:

You could burn aluminium, much weaker bonds and it's the third most common element in the earths crust…

BTraine Ztraine says:

Porno??? Why blurred out?

JImHig says:

What are the black squares all about?

David Humbert says:

Isn't it sad the waste of such talent and research. The waste!. I love my country, but sometimes I think government is our worst problem.

David Wright says:

Ok i figured it out Hutchison can not see atomic so he could only explain so much like just about all of us, he worked with old super frequency generators and super high powered magnetic fields at his glory, the magnetic field was a force for any material to push of when a super frequency would interfere on a atomic level with material that is why he got the effects when combined with other forces ,now sea water also has increasing properties combined with crystals quantum in nature, beyond my skills i know and yes he makes videos as well he is a normal guy so to speak doing what he can

Vitalis Otene says:

The reason why the molten salt reactor was stopped is because it was already being used in top secret air rafts like the tr-3b and other black program aircrafts, not quotting just saying.

B BT says:

Excellent, excellent documentary.

dizzystj says:

How is this not the future right now this is a serious solution to cleaner safe energy

Nunya Bizness says:

the blacked out shirt tags explained- they make you wear crude drawings of a dick n balls to discourage any recording in the facilities. someone found a way around this, I applaud you sir

Hampton says:

Does anyone know how the waste from a Molten Salt Reactor would be safely disposed of?


@ 5:25 Hairpiece made from a Schnauzer? or some sort of Bavarian Chinchilla.

Jeremy Downes says:

he's a student of fatness

Scott Thompson says:

Living memoires by the scientists who helped make America great need be preserved as the U.S. military and intelligence have sometimes done. God bless these pioneering scientists and engineers. The torch needs be passed by Monge Brigades, a sort of scientific CCC, where you study half day under the more elderly and knowledgeable people, then spend half a day in design and eventually building of the reactors or whatever scientific programs you were taught. Austerity funding for such an approach as we have in the current budget will condemn the U.S. to 3rd world status.

Scott Thompson says:

The question of Tritium was raised here. Tritium decay is useful for fusion energy. Now, could this be why the Russians reportedly have a fission-fusion cycle.

HighlanderNorth1 says:

I first heard of thorium reactors about 10years ago, and now I happened upon this "molten salt reactor" video. It sounds so good that it reminded me of the thorium reactor technology. It took a little while, but finally I heard one of these guys mention that this IS the thorium reactor technology that I had heard of before. Why aren't we doing this?

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