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Sharks, whales, dolphins, corals — it’s all part of the game. But there’s more to marine biology than adventures with wildlife in the field. It takes dedication and a thirst for discovery to keep you writing successful grants, publishing influential research, and pushing forward our collective knowledge of marine life!

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Hannah The Hero says:

I'm majoring in biology, but its environment concentrated, after that I would like to be a researcher at a local fish hatchery


hey my name is Owen Brown, I love marine biology but not sure where to start. I love fishing and that everything in an aquatic environment has a part.

Heidi Rodriguez says:

hi i'm heidi i'm from texas and in the 10th grade and i really want to go to college to study marine biology to become a marine biologist because i have a passion for ocean life and want to spend the rest of my life in the ocean working around/with sea animals (: i really hope that one day i'll become a marine biologist and i know it takes a lot of hard work to become one so i'm kind of scared but i know that it is possible and i keep that in mind(:

SunSets23 says:

This is my dream job

Sofia Garcia says:

Hi! I'm trying to find some good marine biology summer programs for high schoolers, any recommendations???

gost wolf's says:

I want to become a marean biologist and thatbis what i am staying with

Pranka4life says:

Im 11 and id love to be a marine biologist since I was 6

Despicable says:

I"m only a sixth grader that really wants to be a marine biologist and make it big because I know I can do it and I know that I will do it i also know that anybody can do it and explore and meet people all around the world and i can go to a great college and explore the ocean. However, I know that I'm only a 11 year old girl but i have a passion in marine biology. I prayed about what I should be when I grow up and my prayers were answered! How were they answered? Well I the beach in and I saw a jellyfish on the shore and I picked it up after that, I a guy was sitting along the shore and saw me pick it up. I walked over him and he told straight to my face that i should be a marine biologist and I will. I hope this inspired you. 🙂

J.S Gaming says:

What type of marine biologist are you?

J.S Gaming says:

What type of marine biologist are you?

Roali5g Mario says:

hey man is there anyway I could contact u personally I have a lot of questions to asks since I'm looking into this career

DMJohnson says:

You ever meet someone with a wildlife management degree with a minor in Marine bio? I plan on being a game warden in Florida. I'm getting my degree online as I am having my baby in September so it will be easier. I wish I would've started when I was in the Marine Corps but it's really hard to do so.

SomeMusic Guy says:

I want to be marine biologist

Luke Sokol says:

I really want to be a marine biologist

Miku and Rin says:

Do you have to have an aquarium or lab thing where you can study marine animals?

Tatiana Orozco says:

I am going to the 7th grade next year. And I was concerned about this for some time now, but how exactly would we receive the money we make from doing the research I am not asking about how much that I would make but just how I would get it and how often would you receive it and stuff around that topic, so it would be great if you could give me a better understanding of what I would be getting my self into if I do once and for all decide that it is what I want to do as my career

Rochelle David says:

that shark jump scared me oml i cant breathe

CornelMari van der Merwe says:

I'm from South Africa and I really want to become a Marine bio. But here is not really places to study it.

Gracie Margie says:

I jumped between 0:140:15!!!!!

Cam'ron McKinney says:

how did you become a marine biologist??

Niemi Camacho says:

What if you just want to work in an aquarium studying larger aquatic organisms?

steffytard says:

Would I have more success becoming a marine biologist with a phd opposed to a masters? Also when you were talking about funding I thought maybe you would work with a team and publish things together to get the money instead of working by yourself?

Alyssa Metivier says:

I'm 16 and I'm wondering do you have to swim fast as a marine biologist? and do you get to study animals on land too?

hanni berhe says:

Do I have to study physics to be a marine biologist

Donald Trumpet says:

0:15 that actually scared the shit out of me

Abigail Boles says:

I really want to become a marine biologist when I grow up, but I'm not sure on how to start.

D .M says:

I'm 12 and I think I want to study in marine biology when I'm older 🙂

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