Scary United States Armed Forces – How Powerful is USA? U.S Military Power 2017

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Scary United States Armed Forces – How Powerful is USA? U.S Military Power 2017

The United States Armed Forces are the federal armed forces of the United States. They consist of the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard. The President of the United States is the military’s overall head, and helps form military policy with the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), a federal executive department, acting as the principal organ by which military policy is carried out. All five armed services are among the seven uniformed services of the United States.


Mora Africano Camilo Andres says:

the army is full of pussies FACE IT!.

felix gauthier says:

The Documentary the US government does not want you to see – Shock & Awe – Part 1 of 2

madinda dikoumba wilfried says:

bon pilote ?

madinda dikoumba wilfried says:

cool avions

Cdog inth'house says:

I think some of the US fighter planes are way outdated.

k odu says:

wars and rumors of wars. I know you want to fight. May God almighty prevent this war.

Alvin Allen says:

watch your mouth about the us wars i have my grandfather in army he did awesome killed most of the Nazis my uncle johnny die during the war hurt the my family a lot so watch your mouth cause one of my friends is going to the us military respect the dead of solders or don't say nothing at all my case worker was in the war too and it was hard on her so watch your mouth about the us branches thank you God bless u and God bless all of the solders dead and alive

Brenda Proffitt says:

Totally incredible and Awesome….

Inquirer Voice says:


Brown belt Lord says:

USA got aliens jets.

Deus Cognito says:

If you add every tank, jet, and boat in the world, the numbers still wouldn't come close to The United States. Not to mention we have multiple bases on EVERY influential country, so we basically have the world boxed in. Oh, don't forget, we are STILL the number one industrial power the world has ever seen, and come war (if we ever see another true war) everything the USA has now would nearly be trippled in a year.

foamy plays and reacts says:

If you think we don't have weapons you're clearly high. We have more nukes then let on because this was a problem Russia had because Putin wanted to know why the USA had this and took everyone elses United nations security council voted to strip every weapons program in around the world but guess who didn't have to scrap the program. USA because we where more elite than any country and we can destroy any country. Just because they said wmd programs where scrapped. Lie let another country try and test our strength and you wake up to a country gone off the map. Obama was no idiot and Putin isn't either. Im just saying we have an arsenal of war powerhouse weapons to flex if need be

Sadeth Cheng says:

Lol, some of this is a shit-show mash-up. You got clips of Marine Corps aircraft and in the Air Force section and Marine Corps infantry in the Army section. This is why civilians can never tell us apart….

Miko Bain says:

God Bless America and thankyou to all those who serve past and present. I wish you citizens of the USA and allied countries safe and happy lives.
Australia stands with you always.

faze jev says:

Why was the arrow pointing to the go pro

Evelyn Lato says:

Hey seriously how many tanks in the United States 9000,8000 and 5000 you say in this video

Evelyn Lato says:

Make a video of how powerful is the philippines

ACVRG says:

I wish wish wish all of the Pussy European countires were invaded again, and the faggots who talked shit now could read back their comments here when they are begging us, practicially sucking our dicks to help them again. TEAM AMERICA. FUCK YEAH.

Fahiem Ahmadi says:

Real stats show that the US spends more than 8 of the strongest militaries in the world including Russia, China, Japan, and India. The US also has 800+ military bases around the world, Russia has 20, China has 15 and it only gets lower from there. There is no question who the most feared country in the world is. Add NATO to the picture and that's the cherry on top. Don't fool yourself, you know who runs

robb maier says:

WE DONT DO PARADES WE DONT BARK we will bite your ass and tell you were going to do it THATS THE USA.

Toxic Jack says:

Scary?? If you mean their scared of other countries then yes the us army are filled with a bunch of crybaby.look at Vietnam,vietnam beat the shit out of them,not like they should have been there in the first place

David Calus says:

The person in the scriptures went to heaven by cleaning the church many times. The person in the scriptures went to heaven by cleaning the church many times.

James Henry Smith says:

Just use automatic machines and conveyor belts to make the guns.

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