Chemo Side Effects | Breast Cancer | Episode 9

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Hey fam I’m back! Sorry for the break…had to get my computer fixed.😞 But I’m back with another video! So I’m sure you have heard of various side effects of chemotherapy. And if you haven’t then I KNOW you at least know one of them…hair loss!! Well I thought it would be informative to tell you some of MY side effects. Of course there are several different chemo drugs with different side effects. These are just some of mine.

If you want more details, there is a helpful link below! 😉

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***Chemotherapy Side Effects***


Nadette says:

Hi Marsha thank you so much for sharing your experience with chemo. I am as well currently going through chemo treatment for my inflammatory breast cancer I was diagnosed 13th Feb I fell and straight away I got up again (thank God for the strength He has given me) and decided to do a YouTube vlog for my cancer journey. I saw some other cancer patients who were doing the same and it's a good thing it make u feel your not alone in this people are very reassuring including you you have shared some of the side effects you had and I was omg me too apart from the hot flashes ma I get them at night when I'm asleep and they don't smell good lol….please keep up the good work and I pray that God opens more doors for you to inspire others. When you have time please go check out my channel it's only a few videos but I'm getting there we are in this together btw I am from the UK. God bless x

Gary Cameron says:

Gary's wife here you r so beautiful I love your spirit!!

Jane Doe says:

Good morning/afternoon, has your skin gotten dry? if so, do you use a special moisturizer?

Behilue Hile says:

hi dear my name is azeb i just diagnose brest cancer very scare

Christina T. says:

Where did you get your hat?! I love it! Starting chemo next Wednesday. P.s. You have a great shaped head.

Mimi Lee says:

Did you use the thermo cap?

Mary Brown says:

Hello just found your videos today. I have my second treatment Monday. I have a total of four. I'm curious about your scarves are they premade or did you create the bun? The worst for me thus far is the mouth sores. I have a mastectomy first. I would love to talk to you. Be blessed sweetie.

Karen Memhardt says:

Thank you for posting, God Bless

silvia milone-martin says:

I thank you for this. You are so fun and beautiful. I have breast cancer and am going through chemo. My hair fell out already, but my lack of appetite and loss of taste are far worse. I don't enjoy food the way I used to but hopefully that will come back. My positive attitude keeps me going as yours seems too as well. Again, thanks so much.

Candice Dixon says:

You are such a brave woman!!!

Asantewaa Asare says:

Our prayers are with you…I am so glad that you are back communicating with us…
missed your wonderful smile…peace be unto you…

Kathryn Atkinson says:

I've had some of the same side effects too.  Hang in there beautiful lady, Gods got your back.  Thank your for sharing, I'm so glad I found your channel!

Sharon Johnson says:

Oh check the bottom of your feet ..Ur feet should have spots ..Oh and don't touch cold stuff with bare hands ..I wore mittens ..I drank all my water warm…

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