Putin Warns The World, The Global Economy Is About To Change – Episode 1296a

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Report date: 06.02.2017

Job numbers are in and they are terrible. More people have left the job market but the unemployment number decreased to 4.3%. The US is now at full employment but these are part-time jobs and there are millions without jobs. Stores are continually closing, auto sales are declining at the same time everyone is employed. GDP now is forecasting a 4% growth rate for this year, completely impossible but this is the plan to show the old system doesn’t work and to crash the system at the same time. Putin is warning the world that the global economy is about to change

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yeah really? says:

dave everyday doom and gloom if numbers manipulated how can anything be accurate give us something we dont know everything same everyday repackaged

Art Lover says:

If people didnt realised gold and silver (all metals ) and the rest of the markets are ALL fixed and rigged well I am sad for you. It is a bitter pill to swalow to realise EVERYTHING is fake false, rigged and fixed. EVERYTHING. Ordered through BIS. Forget bail outs, they steal straight from your accounts now. They already fake the holdings of property taxes in their hands, their so called reserves. What a laugh. Jack up the taxes and increase their revenues……same in every sphere.

The problem is going to be LACK of resources following the bubble bursting (and perhaps a war will cover it all up) The old system snuffed it 2007/8. Everything has been faked since. And that is even well after the gold standard was ended and we got fake fat money. A lot of people are going to suffer big time, especially those reliant on government.

Colleen Mclaughlin says:

If only human beings understood that they are constantly being manipulated… At least some, are coming to this realization…

Bog-Rat the Pest says:

If you're in the US do everything you can to collapse. It all has to come down before good change can happen, don't pay debts, don't work, invest in other countries etc..
You're a slave anyway, underpaid, overworked, etc.. Plunder and then leave the country.

You can think of creative ways to make government spending go up arbitrarily. Don't let this beast slither away- pin it to the ground AND FINISH IT OFF! Remember feminism and other evils originated in these depths! Exercise this demon from the planet!



23 March 2023 begins the AGE of Aquarius for about 2,500 years. People first, Enviornment second, profit last. Socialism and Hindu philosophy will dominate.

T says:

This is very little job losses compared to some EU countries which have an unemployment of 25%.
The US is 50 times as big as this countries so this is very little for the US.

etfirstcontact41 says:

Puttin is a puppet, illuminati tells him to jump, he says 10ft 15ft what. Illuminati is controlling all world presidents to lie, or get threatened. There is no, I repeat, there is no economic collaps going to happen. They put fear, fraustration, confusion and more fear in the public. Illuminati, there days are numbered, they are fineshed, they getting fired from their fake power. And they never coming in to power ever again. Should I stress it more, all illuminati hives, governments, militaries, Freemasons, Rothschild, Rockefellers and bloodlines are at their last breath of air, just gasping for air. Its thier end times, that's why theirs wars, fake terrorist attacks bombs/hijacks here and there.

David Michaels says:

cryptocurrency is the answer

Rothschild killed JFK says:

Yep that's why you have all those Wal Mart's as FEMA camps in the US

Roger Bushell says:

This has realy got me worried. What will happen to my £50.00 life savings?

Stand up for GOOD says:

Research Resource Based Economy as proposed by The Venus Project! ! !

Stand up for GOOD says:

11 guys have as much wealth as the bottom 40% (3 Bbillion) people. True story

Stand up for GOOD says:

There are 2 ways to look at automation… 1. Robots will wake up and destoy humans. Or 2. We embrace the tools to create abundance for everyone.

Stand up for GOOD says:

Join an Ubuntu community for transition to the Venus Project by Jaques Fresco and Roxanne Meadows.

Fart pants says:

I can't wait till the world crash, There is shit on TV and i'm getting bored

hanic sedgehog says:

trump will bring pain to American !!!

Lauderdale Man says:

Putin never speaks, just this guy interpreting what Putin supposedly said at some point in time.  When they put these sensational titles, be suspicious.  I do believe the economy is in trouble, but who is this guy to know anything?

Danny Smith says:

A new system would be chipping everyone like an animal.

no spying undercover says:

Putin, makes makes most world leaders look like absolute idiot's.

Sothy Franklin says:

RIGHT THE KING OF MONEY keeping for ANGLE DANCE or the bank


105,000 views. Good job Dave.

Joseph N. Pollaro says:

if any of you see meat or cheese… let me know. I'm stocking up on that and ammo

Joseph N. Pollaro says:

buy more ammo

Amber Spirit says:

ive been hearing BS like this for 15 years now and nothing happened….its all about the hype. LOL

Nikola Tesla says:

The Zionists who control Israel are Ashke-Nazis.

The real Jews, Sephardi's, are second class citizens in Israel and represent only 10% of the Jews. Ashke-Nazis represent 90%.

The Russian Jews, Bolsheviks, who overthrew the Czar were Ahske-Nazi Zionists. Lenin had an Ashke-Nazi mother. Seventy percent of the Soviet Union's leaders were Ashke-Nazis.

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