EINSTEIN AND QUANTUM MECHANICS | Quantum Physics documentary

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A quantum mechanics documentary about scientific life of Albert Einstein and his view on reality and qunatum physics. Everything about evolution of quantum mechanic theory and perception of reality. Very useful physics documentary to understand simulation argument and simulated reality theory.


Sejo Hajdarbeg says:

They missed to say that Einstein man of piece agreed with creation of nuclear bomb

AnishB2089375 says:

"An equation an inch long", yeahhh… good luck with that.

Waldemar McEngineering says:

Nice documentary s

Ashley Rene says:

This story just goes to show that when you truly believe in yourself, that without a doubt you can achieve something, the universe will render your competition powerless. It's no coincident that the other astronomers had "technical difficulties." Albert Einstein believed in himself and he had SO many times to doubt himself or quit and he chose success instead. Nothing stands in your way when you tell the universe what you want and believe you can do it.

Abdi Piano says:

Eat some magic mushrooms. You will be in the past, in the present and in the future all at the same time. Your Quantum space time highness is complete.

xuimod says:

Why's that black guy always in videos about the Universe? How about the yellow guy? And where is that white guy who is always in these videos?

black = Neil deGrasse Tyson
yellow = Michio Kaku
white = Brian Greene

xuimod says:

I love how this documentary doesn't even mention how anti-Semitism in Europe at the time played a big role in why he couldn't get University jobs.

Michael Peterson says:

no quantum mechanics
I want my quantum mechanics now

but this made me appreciate einsteins relativity theory a lot more with how extremely precise and complex it is

Cullen James says:

This is not a documentary on quantum physics. You ought to be ashamed you wasted everyone's time.

Tai Henderson says:

plus he really hates the U.S

Jose Acosta says:

More about the theoritical physicist personal obstacles than quantum mechanics. A little disappointing for an hour and a half documentary.

xXBlackxRebelXx says:

how does one have a mind like Einstein? being able to whip out formulae on your own out of the blue

Pure Energy says:

That dark circle people like to put in the center of an atom is a lie. There is nothing solid about anything, especially the center of an atom. Have you not read quantum physics yet? Or even the study of electricity? Energy is constantly moving !!!!!
Read the book "The Quantum World" written by the physicist Ford. In this book I found these words: 'magically bursting forth are quarks spinning billions of times a second as 3 points of light, forming what are called protons and neutrons.'

WhoopAs says:

This is general relativity not quantum mechanics you idiot lmao

Andy Fu says:

Almost all the great people have one thing in common, that is a life with tragic periods of time and scenario which allows them to focus solely on their work

Yogendra Gupta says:

Quantum mechanics is intelligible for my self who was observing my dream, not for my ego who was sleeping.

دوق فليد says:

المطالبه بنظريه جديده لتوحيد القوى اﻷربعه للطبيعه E

We hope that you will work on the unification of the four forces Strong nuclear force and weak nuclear force With electromagnetism and attractiveness، We need a new theory for the unification of quantum mechanics with attractiveness ،Mathematics must be used to predict the unification of the three forces with gravity ،Please deliver my letter to physicists ،We do not want super string theory, Please predict a new theory on the unification of the four powers

pyral514 says:

5:24 "At the simplest level this means that energy can become matter and matter can become energy." Huh? Did I missed something or they got it all wrong? Einstein never said that. Matter holds potential energy, it cannot transform into energy, it can only release that energy when its structure is destroyed.

xrisku says:

my psychopathic ex also tried to get me to sign a similar marriage contract. ha. divorce. only solution when dealing with someone who treats you like pesky slave labour. incestuous too.

Luis Bravo Villaran says:

Hawking in his book "The Grand Design" states that … M-theory is the only candidate to complete theory of the Universe … that is the Unified Theory that hoped to find Einstein, who lacked lifetime to accept by prove the non-locality of Quantum Physics.
The mathematical models or formulas essayed in Quantum Mechanics are local, because MATHEMATICS ARE LOCAL.
Quantum Physics has a fundamental characteristic that is the QUANTUM ENTANGLEMENT / QUANTUM NON-LOCALITY operating INSTANTANEOUSLY in the PERMANENT NOW; it is not within Time-Space or Universal 3-D, it behave as if it were a portal opening to produce the CAUSE- EFFECT INSTANT REACTION here and beyond Time-Space; there is no speed to be measured, because there is no spatial displacement (as Einstein said, it is a GHOSTLY REACTION).

Sawasdee Rawai Phuket says:

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The word and the love are the life for eternity ,
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Words and love are eternal life.
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Albert Torres says:

You people that argue theories as though they were facts really know nothing at all.

Mariusz Majchrzak says:

Einstein was incredible sciencer 😉

KCIRCE says:

Fuck michu, this guy has done more harm to scientific development than nation states could ever hope to achieve.


If everything is made up of atoms which we have broken down, then with one thought which is a electrical spark from neuron to neuron can concieve the entire exsistance of space as a thred moving next to a huge crater how much data os substance is there in that one thought alone vrs the 7 layer theory?


Antimatter 🙂 lol

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