10 Biggest UNSOLVED MYSTERIES in Physics

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MatthewSantoro says:

Just to address some things: I'm aware water is a molecule, I did, in fact, take science classes in high school lol. When I am talking about water being an element, I said it not in a scientific connotation. I get how that causes confusion in a video about physics, so apologies! Secondly, black holes can be made of matter OR anti-matter. It's an incredibly complicated topic. Hope that clears things up!

Mike Turk says:

If we don't get reversed banged :))

Real Crash and Accidents says:

don't talk. just infographic as possible.

Marilyn V says:

We get what you're saying. Just speak with less anxious enthusiasm. Your desperate annoying hands movement and constant surprised look is unnecessarily distracting, Please stop ! People tend to believe things having more validity without being spoken to in a hysterical over selling "trying to convince rant like" a car salesman manner. Calm down, you're frightening the "children".

Isaac Gutierrez says:

I totally thought about buying the shirt, but they were sold out. Good show, very cool stuff. Thought it was neat about the mortality.. thing.. no human can be immortal in a mortal universe.. interesting

Mindy Rardin says:

That’s because the “Big Bang” never happened. God created all things.

The Double Redemption says:

H2O is an compound not an element because elements have 1 type of atom compounds have 2 hence H2O

cher landry says:

Hey Matt, I don't know if you get this as its now October but I have been watching some of your videos and your Vlog. I think you can be an actor but don't get stuck in gameshow host type because of you great personality while giving news or facts. I loved a skit type thing I saw a while ago and then you popped up again on my suggestions on my front page. I really think any thing you do creativity, that quality you spoke of, as far as quantity give a little and then move to you real project. peace, I continue to enjoy you. creativity comes from the Heart, the Soul. You do what you feel good doing.

Christopher Trusty says:

H2O is a compound

Vital Life Quotes & More says:

The big bang never happend. Our God created everything.

J K says:

okay.. I love the teeth.

Ty Hand says:

The universes emergency escape door : SBURB

Lori Quaresimo says:

When you talked about the Big Bang, you are assuming it is fact. I don't believe that the Big Bang happened. Where did the oceans come from? No I believe God created the Earth and all living things on it. If the Big Bang did occur where did it come from? These supposed highly educated scientists and their extremely long equations is just a bunch of nonsense. They mean nothing. There is no proof the big bang happened but the existence of God proves himself everyday just by looking at the beauty of the earth and the complexity of human brains. Look at how animals know just what to do to survive. How do you think the first animal knew how to survive or the first bird knowing how to build a nest? Scientists believe in evolution. I don't see anything changing about a human being. Yeah I know it takes millions of years to evolve but during that time you should be able to detect that something is changing. Anyway, my grandmother said they should leave the heavens to God and I agree with her. All this money spent on finding atoms you can't see with a naked eye and having them collide with one another and all that garbage Cern does when that money could have been used to feed the hungry and cloth and shelter the poor and find cures for diseases and create jobs for the poor. Nope all this experimentation costs a lot of money that could be put to better uses.

Roland McKinney says:

Time does not exist. It's made up, everything is constantly occurring. I'm high

Tom Lieber says:

what if the anti matter and matter were balanced but the reaction it caused created everything and made neutral matter? I know this is stupid

Samual123 says:


Brendo Lee says:

I could be wrong, but isn't the next stage of matter after gas called plasma? So it would go like this: solid > liquid > gas > plasma as the temperature increases. The center of our sun is supposed to be made of plasma isn't it? I don't know, I remember learning about it in some lecture years ago.

Jesus Torralba says:

bullshit never decays it just gets repowered with other bullshit on a constant basis to the point of no return until everyone finds the truth out and it just gets compounded by additional bullshit.

Taj Oliva says:

Assuming parallel universes exist, a universe where there was energy merged into our universe which created the big bang. I'm just a 12 year old though, what do I know about the universe xD??

Debo Mishra says:

"Elements like H2O"…



What about the BLACK HOLE

Tiberius Ravenwolf says:

Oh boy, I love physics! I am only 16 though, so I am not really as knowledgeable about it.

The Senate says:

I'm a person of Science… in saying that, religious people must get far fewer headaches

Trevor Jones says:

my theory on the big bang is that matter and antimatter did destroy each other many times and returned to a single point and this could have happend billions of times then matter won for some unknown reason we will also go bk to a single point or that could be the end result and that was the last big bang we will have lol

Jay Arnett says:

there is a greater!

your gamer says:

anti matter could also be in our magnetic fields as that is the only thing that acts like a cage for anti matter

Travis Lightner says:

If everything and anything that can/will happen always, then would experience be the point? If so, God must exist. Maybe. Or not.

Seths_ma says:

I love listening to your videos but your voice sounds a little gay.  Can you tone the gay down some?  Other than that, EXCELLENT work, research, and Presentation!!  Great Job!!

MetaKnight964 says:

The big bang was changed to the big expansion.

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