Subclavian vein Cannulation

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Luis Rodriguez says:

looks very red. men please appear arterial

Ahmed Badawy says:

Fuck !! you jabbed the artery !!!

Naresh Khushale says:

sir blood looks like arterial confirm

Subhash Chander Waghray says:

what should be the position of arm with respect to thorasic wall in of subclavian vein and right internal juguiar vein cannuiation

charan mydavolu says:

I can sense some arrhythmia @6:11 on wards 😀

Evan Wahyudy says:

thanks, very interesting video..good jobs

Løven says:

Is it done for respiration

Igor Cooper says:

What about internal jugular v. cannulation?

Dr Nisar Arain says:

Explained the procedure nicely

Whittjee says:

Very interesting video. It helped a lot studying for my test about subclavia catheterisation

maddison beaton says:

I fort it was fake but it's not sorry

snowyapplebomb says:

Great video, looks like a fairly straightforward technique. Quick and simple 🙂

estivaliz aviles says:

i want to download your video, coul you please contact me? thanks

Anil Naik says:

how to download??

Anil Naik says:

Nice to learn…

Im Stephaniee says:


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