Psychology And Advertising

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Little Timmy learns about persuasion in adversiting.
Assignment for Applied Psychology.
Written and designed by Lori Benoy and Sole Lander.
Animation and Sound design by Mathew Desanctis
Created for educational purposed only.
No Timmy’s were harmed in the making of this video


scott nissan says:

hook me up with her …plz

Felix Bruyns says:

How advertising works: 1. Make people feel inferior or self-conscious. 2. Tell them that your product or service will make them feel superior or carefree. 3. Take their money. 4. When the product does not solve all their problems, they're even more insecure and gullible… and poorer. 5. Repeat cycle…

hay moshe says:

ipage tamplests????

Inas Elmellaoui says:

this reminds me of donald duck…

Alpha Male says:

Fuck this is boring, these are the kind of videos you need to be put to sleep

Justin Spirito says:

if this guy says Timmy one more time im gonna kms

Jane b says:

this person only has one video?

AM Productions says:

Who else thought of SpongeBob and squidville when hearing the music

Estefania Ojeda says:

Hey! i m gonna used this video as a reference for an OVA! online course.

Joe Bergeron says:

this video sucks ass

Mark .Twain says:

Flat design was popular 7 years ago! 😛

minuature fork says:

i have a packet to do on this: highschool life

Kuda CG says:

Wait, did he just say long exposure to ORANGE may cause agression??????

Nanako Fukuda says:

the music is here for a reason. music like this is often used in these kinds of vintage advertisements.

tdreamgmail says:

Damn only made one video! Are you working at advertising firm now?

FawkesMuldarr says:

Don't listen to the haters. Music is great, Timmay is alllllright in my book.

Ozan Gdn says:

Timmy is ginger.

i give up says:

I'm so amused about the people complaining about the music. Maybe they're not familiar with vintage TV. I think it's a cute concept and I'm glad you made it that way, since vintage advertisements are so amusing as well.

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